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Phil Collen On Producing Tesla's New Rock Album Of The Century

Friday, 24th March 2017

Def Leppard 2016.
Pic By Curt Taft

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed yesterday by Charlotte radio and said the Tesla album is finished.

Phil spoke to Arroe Collins of WRFX 99.7 radio in Charlotte, NC on 23rd March.

Phil talked about the 2017 North American tour, producing the Tesla album, Delta Deep, musical inspiration, playing festivals, sightseeing on tour, Live From Detroit DVD, new songs, 2018 world tour, musical collaborations and Mutt Lange.

Phil says he is excited about the new Tesla album which was finished last week and even described it as the 'rock album of the century'.

They began work on the album in late 2015 after finishing up the 'Save That Goodness' single which was released in August 2016 as a bonus track on their 'Mechanical Resonance LIVE!' album.

Phil also suggests there will be more touring by Delta Deep this year.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview below.

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Arroe Collins - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Tesla Studio Album Finished

"We just finished it, just over a week ago. We've been doing for like the past year because we've been on tour together. And we done so much of it like backstage. You know we'll find a room, a hotel room or whatever and do most of the guitars and the songwriting and everything. And then just finish the drums and vocals off up in Sacramento. So we done that. I'm thrilled with it. It's really, you know, it's the rock album of the century. So we're just totally buzzed. It's really kind of diverse you know it's kind of every - Queen, Zeppelin all mixed it. It's kind of got every influence in there."

New Tesla Song/Jeff Keith

"All these different things influence that, You know working with the Tesla guys. Amazing playing. There's some great guitar playing. You know me and Brian Wheat kind of got this song together. 'We Can Rule The World' it's called. It's just phenomenal. And that started, he had this piano thing and just everything about the whole thing. Jeff Keith, it's the best I've ever heard him sing, on this record. So all of that is great as well and you take that with you and it becomes part of you. That kind of energy. It's just thoroughly exciting."

Delta Deep 'Deep South' US Tour Dates

"Well we keep promising because you know we done an East Coast run. We done a West Coast run. And because it's Delta Deep and you know the name of it. And our drummer Forrest Robinson's from Memphis, we have to. We've just been dying to get the right time. So we will do, we'll do a Northern Plains tour as well and a Deep South tour. Delta Deep in the Deep South which will be amazing, we'll go all over there and up into Texas as well. The whole bit."

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