Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
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Phil Collen On Def Leppard DVD/New Tesla/Delta Deep Albums

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Alabama radio on 20th February and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to DJ Ricky Aaron of 106.9 The Eagle radio in Birmingham, AL.

Phil talked about the new Live From Detroit DVD, Detroit, staying in shape, touring, Delta Deep live album/second album, producing the new Tesla album, the band's longevity/friendship and which band he'd love to tour with (The Police).

Phil gave another update on the forthcoming Tesla/Delta Deep releases.

Listen to the full 6 minute interview below.

The third year in a row Phil has been interviewed by Ricky.

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Rick Aaron In The Afternoon - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Live From Detroit DVD/Filming Location

"The reason we done it, everyone kept saying this is the best we've ever seen or heard you. Actually on the last tour and we're like OK, we should probably get together and do a live concert video again. The first show that sold out on the tour was Detroit. So that was an easy decision really there. That was a - and that was it really. It came together really quick. Eagle Rock, the company that put it together, they done an amazing job. Like I said it all went really quickly. Like normally when you do these things there's a, you know, it takes ages back and forth and you have to approve edits and everything. Their first set of edits that they played, that I saw, was like there wasn't one thing wrong with it. So I was like wow this is really cool."

"But the whole thing went really smoothly I've gotta say and that was really the reason behind it. That we were told we're the best we've ever been."

Delta Deep Live Album/Second Album

"Well Delta Deep we have a live album that we recorded last year. That should be coming out. It was supposed to be coming out at the end of last year. But weren't quite sure when it was gonna come out. And we're working on a new studio album. So we'll be doing that in bits and pieces. So both of those records will be out this year at some point."

Producing The Tesla Album

"Along with, I'm doing the Tesla album. I'm producing that and we started that last year. You know I produced a single for them, Save That Goodness, and after that it went so well that they asked me to do the album. So that's been amazing. It's so diverse the record, everyone's really excited about it, especially me. And that should be, we're just finishing it off. Those guys are on a winter tour right now up in the North Plains somewhere. When they get back I've gotta go in the studio with Jeff Keith again. We're just finishing off like a couple of songs and then we're pretty much done. We've gotta mix it after that. So that'll be ready and that'll be out this year as well. So again really, really super excited about that."

Buy 'And There Will Be A Next Time...Live From Detroit' Online

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