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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard (2015)

Def Leppard - Def Leppard 2015.

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Song Information

Let's Go

  • Acoustic Guitar - Rick Savage
  • Guitar Solos - Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell


  • Guitar Solo - Vivian Campbell
  • End Guitar Licks - Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell

Man Enough

  • Guitar Solo - Phil Collen

We Belong

  • Guitar Solos - Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell


  • Guitar Solo - Phil Collen

Sea Of Love

  • Backing Vocals - Debbi Blackwell-Cook
  • Guitar Solo - Phil Collen

All Time High

  • Guitar Solo - Phil Collen
  • End Guitar Licks - Vivian Campbell

Battle Of My Own

  • Acoustic Guitars - Phil Collen, Rick Savage, Joe Elliott
  • End Guitar Licks - Vivian Campbell
  • Keyboards - Ronan McHugh

Broke 'n' Brokenhearted

  • Guitar Solo - Phil Collen

Forever Young

  • Guitar Solos - Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell
  • End Guitar Licks - Phil Collen

Last Dance

  • Acoustic Guitars - Phil Collen, Rick Savage, Joe Elliott
  • Guitar Solo - Vivian Campbell
  • Electric Guitar - Rick Savage
  • Bouzouki - Ronan McHugh

Wings Of An Angel

  • Guitar Solo - Vivian Campbell
  • End Guitar Licks - Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell

Blind Faith

  • Acoustic Guitar - Vivian Campbell
  • Mellotron - Ronan McHugh
  • Guitar Solos - Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell

Album Notes

The band's 11th studio album release and 10th of all-original material. The first ever self titled 'Def Leppard' album. Another first is that all band members sing lead vocal lines on one song. All five members collaborated together in one room over three sessions and played live in studio for the first time since 1996's 'Slang'.

The first single was premiered on Rolling Stone's website on 15th September (at around 4:15pm UK time) along with an interview with Joe describing the song as having been 80% written by Rick Savage.

'Dangerous' was then premiered on Billboard's site on 16th October and was revealed to be a Phil Collen/Mutt Lange demo originally.

Work on the new album started back in February 2014 at Joe's Garage studio near Dublin, Ireland. The band had intended to record a single or an EP but ended up with 12 songs written in just one month prompting them to record a full album.

Up to 16 songs were near completion after a second session in May 2014 and the band continued to work on the album through the Summer Tour with KISS. Vivian recorded most of his guitar and vocal parts on the road after missing the second session due to his ongoing battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

A third and final full-band recording session took place in January/February 2015. Joe then announced on his radio show on 7th March 2015 that the band had completed the recording work. This proved a little premature as later interviews leading up to and during the 2015 world tour (which started on 15th April) revealed "finishing up" work on the album was still ongoing before it was finally finished and mixed/mastered by mid August.

Both Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell have stated the album is either "the best since Hysteria" or "the strongest in 23 years".

Visit the Album News section to read the full story of the album to date as told by the band in various audio/video/print interviews.

The album title and late 2015 release were first revealed (somewhat awkwardly) via the tour poster for the UK shows when that tour was announced on 27th March.

It contained the line - "Def Leppard's highly anticipated new self-titled studio album coming late 2015". This pre album teaser was then used on the side screens at all 2015 shows starting in Penticton, BC on 15th April but shortened to "The Highly Anticipated New Album". Rick Allen also used the artwork on his bass/kick drum head throughout the 2015 tour. Which as you can see glowed in the dark.

2015 Album - Photo Gallery

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Phil Collen - September 2015

"We started writing all these stupid names down like we normally do, and I said, 'Why don't we call it 'Def Leppard' 'cause this is like, who knows if there will be another Def Leppard album, per se, with the way the industry is, and the fact that this record actually represents us. It doesn't represent someone else's, you know, a label, a business agenda or anything else's idea of what Def Leppard is. This is actually Def Leppard's version of Def Leppard. That's actually why we called it it."

Joe Elliott - August 2015

"It's got a bit of everything. And that's why the album is called Def Leppard."

Joe Elliott - February 2015

"There's a song on the new album where everybody takes lead vocal and that was my idea because I thought you know what, you guys can sing that well, let's all take a line each you know. So it's kind of like. A bit like The Beatles with the second song that they did off the Lennon demos which went on the Anthology where they all took a verse each. What we're doing on this is we're just swapping lines, and I sing the rest of the song but on the verses, where everybody's taking a line each, even Rick."

Joe Elliott - June 2015

"With the new album, swear to god, the new record we've never been more excited about an album - ever, I don't think because of the timing of it. The way that it worked. The way that - the ease of how the songs oozed out of us. It wasn't pulling teeth like on previous records that we've made."

Phil Collen - 4th April 2015

"It blew me away that we got so many things done and honestly I really think this is the best album we've done since Hysteria."

UK Tour News Quote - 27th March 2015

"Def Leppard's highly anticipated new self-titled studio album coming late 2015".

Rick Allen - 17th March 2015

"I love it. It was great making this record. You know we spent a lot of time together. We did three really concentrated sessions together over the course of last year and a little bit into this year. You know it was great just all sitting down in the same room and figuring these songs out."

Joe Elliott - 7th March 2015

"I'm jolly because we have finished the new album. Yes, well apart from the mixing of it. We have sung our last word, played our last solo, hit our last drum. It's done!. And it will be out later this year."

Vivian Campbell - 20th February 2015

"It's a great record. It's actually I think the best record I've made in the 23 years that I've been with the band."

Phil Collen - 18th February 2015

"I'm very excited about this new album - it's the best thing I think we've done in like 20 years. So it's really exciting."

Read many more band member quotes from 2014-2015 in the - Album News Section

Def Leppard - Retail Description

'Def Leppard" is the bands eleventh studio album – the first since 2008’s “Songs From the Sparkle Lounge”. From the instant hooks of album opener and first single “Let’s Go” to the bass groove of “Man Enough”, from the anthemic “Sea Of Love” to the beautiful album closer and future classic “Blind Faith”, from the instant hit of “Dangerous” to the acoustic “Battle Of My Own”, this is timeless Def Leppard: fourteen tracks that will delight fans and win over a whole new generation alike. Def Leppard have always known how to write hits, and this album is packed with them. The album was produced by Def Leppard, and longtime producer/engineer Ronan McHugh. The album was recorded at Joe’s Garage."

Album Info
  • CD/Digital Tracklisting
  • 01 - Let's Go - 5:01
  • 02 - Dangerous - 3:26
  • 03 - Man Enough - 3:54
  • 04 - We Belong - 5:06
  • 05 - Invincible - 3:46
  • 06 - Sea Of Love - 4:04
  • 07 - Energized - 3:23
  • 08 - All Time High - 4:19
  • 09 - Battle Of My Own - 2:42
  • 10 - Broke 'n' Brokenhearted - 3:17
  • 11 - Forever Young - 2:21
  • 12 - Last Dance - 3:09
  • 13 - Wings Of An Angel - 4:23
  • 14 - Blind Faith - 5:33
  • Total Time - 54:24
  • UK Fanpack CD Bonus Tracks
  • 15 - We Belong (Alternative Vocal Take) - 5:06
  • 16 - Let's Go (UK Radio Edit) - 3:56
  • Japan CD Bonus Track
  • 15 - Last Dance (Demo) - 3:09