Wednesday, 8th February 2017
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Phil Collen On New Def Leppard DVD/Joe Elliott's Vocal Issues

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by South Dakota radio and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to DJ Jeff Harkness on B102.7 radio in Sioux Falls, SD on 6th February.

Phil talked about being in the band for 35 years, Hysteria tour, touring/playing live, audiences, Live From Detroit DVD, 2016 Classic Rock Awards, preparing for the 2017 tour, working with Tesla, Poison, Joe's vocal issues and working hard/staying busy.

He mentioned how bad Joe's vocal problems were after they played the 2015 Sturgis show.

Phil was promoting the April 22nd show in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Jeff Harkness/B102.7 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Being In The Band For 35 Years

"That's a big number. It's crazy. I think you know when it was 33 you could handle it but 35 it actually sounds a lot more. Which it is but yeah that's pretty crazy."

Live From Detroit DVD

"Well normally when you have a concert video or a DVD or whatever it is, you don't really capture what's going down. You have to be there. Now with the technology and everything. I think, I looked as this thing, I was like wow you can actually tell that there's something spectacular going off. And if you've got a big system as well it's actually the next best thing to being there."

"And it wasn't before you know you'd get kind of not very great edits and the mixing and everything wasn't there. But Ronan McHugh who does all the Def Leppard stuff. He actually, he mixed the Delta Deep stuff, he produced - co-produced the last Def Leppard album and he's our out front sound guy. He mixed the thing and Eagle Rock, who actually filmed it, done such an amazing job. Camera angles, at capturing the right stuff that it's the best thing we've ever put out as you know live footage."

Joe's Voice Issues/2015 Sturgis Show

"It was really major and I remember what it was. We played Sturgis and there's motorcycles revving up, there's all this stuff. And there was so much dust. I actually remember playing that night, everyone coughing. We're going whoah this is really dusty. And then you know in Joe's case it actually turned into a cough and he had this bronchial infection for the rest of the year. To the point he was coughing up blood, he was throwing up and like literally it was like every single night but we couldn't take a break."

"So finally the doctor said look you've gotta stop otherwise you may lose your voice permanently. So we took a little bit of time off, come back and he really rested it. And now he's singing better than I've ever heard him sing. So yeah sometimes you just have to do that."

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