Friday, 17th February 2017
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Phil Collen On Delta Deep Live Release/New Tesla Album

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Nebraska radio yesterday and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to DJ Scott Kaye of The Eagle 92.9 radio in Lincoln, NE.

Phil talked about producing the Tesla album, Delta Deep live album, still touring, the band's signature sound, Slang album and technical glitches at live shows.

Phil once again mentioned the long awaited Delta Deep live album will be released this year and was asked about any problems at shows after Metallica's glitches at The Grammy awards.

Listen to the full 4.5 minute interview below.

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The Eagle 92.9/Scott Kaye - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Producing The New Tesla Album

"I am actually. We started it, because they've been touring with us for the last like year and a half, so we actually started it a while ago. We was doing a lot of it backstage. Find a room, a trailer, hotel room, do guitars and that. So we're just finishing off. Really excited about that, it sounds great."

Delta Deep Live Album

"We actually recorded, we've got an album out that came out in 2015, but we've also got a live album coming out this year. I'm not sure exactly when. We recorded it last year. So yeah a lot of stuff. A lot on the go and obviously Def Leppard stuff all the time."

Technical Hitches At Shows

"We've had a bunch of them. You know from people falling off the stage to Spinal Tap moments where the thing doesn't move and you're kind of stuck. Actually we were on tour with KISS a couple of years ago and their whole lighting rig just didn't move, it got stuck half way in the set. I mean we weren't on stage, KISS were, but they got round it as though nothing had happened. It actually looked part of the show and I think that's the trick. You really - it's like theatre, if something goes wrong you've just gotta carry on."

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