Tuesday, 21st February 2017
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Tesla Drummer Says Phil Collen Produced Album Not Yet Finished

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Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta has spoken of Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen's influence on the band and their new studio album.

Troy spoke to DJ Slacker of 101 The Fox radio in Kansas City, MO on 15th February and the full audio is available.

Troy talks about working with Phil Collen on their new album, the album release date, his favourite drummers, starting in the music business and Phil's influence.

He was promoting Tesla's 23rd February show in Kansas City, MO at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland.

Listen to the full 7 minute interview below.

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Slacker Morning Show/101 The Fox - Troy Luccketta Interview Quotes

New Tesla Album/Phil Collen

"Yes Phil, he's the man, man. Man that guy is, tell you what man, talk about great work ethic. Wow, fantastic."

Album Release Date/Late Summer/Fall?

"That was wishful, hopeful thinking. I mean it's just due to our schedule. We're gonna - and it's kind of hard to get the record finished up with no breaks. But when we get back out on the road together. We have a portable studio out there and that's how we did a lot of the record anyway. I did all the drums in Sacramento at Brian's with Phil. They've done a lot of work at Brian's studio. We've also done some of it on the road."

Phil Collen's Influence

"We just kind of got back on the radar you know and we are working. We're reinventing ourselves and Phil Collen has a lot to do with that. He came in, seen the band and the first thing I think he addressed was you know how the band looked. Like you guys look like a bunch of - you look like road crew. You need to look like rock stars. Drop weight you need to drop weight. Do this, do that."

"So we've kind of upped our whole game you know and we've taken all that advice. With his commitment to the band and wanting to produce, be a part of what's happening. You know we've had to really step it up. If you look at the photos the the group you'll see that, wow, these guys are looking good, they're on top of their game. We're really going after it. We're not lazy about what we do and we're putting out new music. Thank you for recognising the fact that we are trying to stay relevant and we're trying to keep it alive."

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