Friday, 7th April 2017
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Phil Collen Really Excited About Amazing New TESLA Studio Album

Def Leppard 2016. By Curt Taft

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed ahead of the 2017 tour and mentioned the new Tesla album.

Phil spoke to Jim Villanueva of All Access Music.

Phil talked about his history with Tesla, producing their new studio album, how the new tour line-up was put together, his first concert in 1972, the Live From Detroit DVD, joining the band in 1982/Pyromania sessions, the band's sound, Delta Deep and the current music scene.

Phil commented again on the upcoming Tesla studio album which has now been finished.

Note - The actual date of the Tesla show in Amsterdam where Phil and Steve got up to play on two songs was 20th May 1987 (at The Paradiso).

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All Access Music - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

New Tesla Studio Album

"I’ve been producing the new Tesla album. Obviously, we’ve been touring together for the last year and a half, so we got a lot of it done backstage. We’d find a dressing room or a trailer or a hotel room or something and record guitars and bass. And we’d record the drums and lead vocals at [Tesla bassist] Brain Wheat’s studio in Sacramento. The greatest phrase I’ve heard so far [about this record] is that it sounds like the rock version of Sgt. Pepper’s. It’s really diverse. It sounds like Queen one minute, Led Zeppelin the next, The Beatles the next, but very much like Tesla. It’s amazing! I’m really excited about it."

Meeting Tesla For The First Time

"I went onstage – me and Steve Clark – went onstage with them in Amsterdam in 1986. That was the first time we met them and we’ve know each other ever since. So, it’s a really close thing, it’s a close friendship, and it’s really, really super cool."

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