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def leppard songs played live 2002/2003

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A listing of all the known songs played by Def Leppard during the 2002/2003 X/Ten world tour.

X/Ten Tour 2002.

def leppard tour 2002/2003 - main songs played

Total Songs Played - 35

X/Ten Tour 2002.

def leppard tour 2002/2003 - cover song snippets/tags

Songs Played - 6

01 Heroes (Hysteria) By David Bowie multiple times.
02 Whole Lotta Love (Rocket) By Led Zeppelin multiple times.
03 My Generation (Rocket) By The Who multiple times.
04 Radar Love (Rocket) By Golden Earring multiple times.
05 I Want You To Want Me (Rocket) By Cheap Trick in Rockford.
06 We Will Rock You (Rocket) By Queen in London (Hammersmith).

Various tags/snippets by Joe during electric songs. Including David Bowie's classic 'Heroes' sung by Joe during the end of 'Hysteria'. He sang the lines "I wish I could swim. Like dolphins, like dolphins can swim.". Lines that have been sung on and off during the same song since the 1999 Euphoria tour.

All others were sung during the long mid section of 'Rocket'. Something first done by Joe during the 1992/1993 'Adrenalize' world tour.

X/Ten Tour 2002.

def leppard tour 2002/2003 - cover song acoustic snippets

Songs Played - 18

01 Boston Tea Party By Sensational Alex Harvey Band in Glasgow.
02 Indiana Wants Me By Richard Dean Taylor in Indianapolis.
03 Cleveland Rocks By Ian Hunter in Cleveland.
04 Detroit Rock City By KISS in Detroit.
05 Over The Hills And Far Away By Led Zeppelin in Detroit.
06 Jesus Just Left Chicago By ZZ Top in Chicago (Phil).
07 3000 Miles From Here By Ian Hunter in New York.
08 La Grange By ZZ Top in Baltimore.
09 Sweet Home Alabama By Lynyrd Skynyrd multiple times.
10 Freebird By Lynyrd Skynyrd in Charlotte.
11 Push By Matchbox Twenty in Charlotte.
12 Love Me Tender By Elvis Presley in Tupelo (Vivian).
13 Wichita Lineman By Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb in Wichita.
14 If You Want My Love By Cheap Trick in Rockford.
15 Country Roads By John Denver in Huntington.
16 The Needle And The Damage Done By Neil Young in Halifax.
17 Ziggy Stardust By David Bowie in Sudbury.
18 Fly Me To The Moon By Frank Sinatra/Bart Howard in Atlantic City.

Various acoustic snippets played (mostly by Joe) before 'Two Steps Behind'.

Snippets/Tags - Lines from another song added by Joe during/at the end of a Def Leppard song.

X/Ten Tour 2002.

def leppard tour 2002/2003 - special guests

Songs Played - 3

01 Two Steps Behind (acoustic) w/ Ricky Warwick in Charlotte.
02 Long Long Way To Go w/ Ashley Garland at Rockford soundcheck.
03 Tie Your Mother Down w/ Brian May (Queen) in London.

Guest artists appearing on stage with Def Leppard during their headline performances. These included a fourth time playing with Queen's Brian May after 1983, 1987 and 1992. The performance of 'Tie Your Mother Down' meant they played a total of 36 unique songs during the 2002/2003 tour. This being the only one not recorded by the band as an original or cover.

They also performed 'LLWTG' during a soundcheck with pop singer Ashley Garland but did not repeat this during the full show.

X/Ten Tour 2002.

def leppard tour 2002/2003 - special guests

Songs Played - 1

01 Three Sides To Every Story Vivian w/ Ricky Warwick throughout 2003.

Guest appearances by Def Leppard members with opening acts including Vivian with Ricky Warwick. This was done for the first time in February 2003 in London, England.

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