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Commentary on the latest Def Leppard news for upcoming tours, events and releases + Last In Line/Down 'n' Outz/Delta Deep.

Def Leppard Tours
24th April 2022

New INSTAGRAM account

New Instrgram account "defleppardtours", which will now be the main account for this site.

Def Leppard News
16th May 2022

DEF LEPPARD DIAMOND STAR HALOS Album Unboxing Video (10 Days To Go)

Def Leppard's new studio album Diamond Star Halos will be released on 27th May with 10 days now left to go.

Def Leppard News
16th May 2022

17 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Release The NO MATTER WHAT Single

Def Leppard released their No Matter What single 17 years ago on this day in 2005 in the USA.

Def Leppard News
16th May 2022

26 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Perform WORK IT OUT On US TV (Video)

Def Leppard performed Work It Out live on US TV on this day in 1996 and video footage is available.

Def Leppard News
16th May 2022

39 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD PYROMANIA Tour 1983 In Nashville, TN (Concert Review 1)

Def Leppard played a show on the Pyromania tour in Nashville, TN on 16th May 1983 and an archive concert review is available to read.

Def Leppard News
16th May 2022

On This Day In Def Leppard History (16th May 2022)

On This Day in Def Leppard History - 16th May, the following concerts and events took place.

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Def Leppard Tour 2022.

def leppard the stadium tour 2022 - usa

Latest Tour Dates

16th June 2022 USA. Atlanta, GA, USA Truist Park Setlist Audio  |  Video
18th June 2022 USA. Miami, FL, USA Hard Rock Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
19th June 2022 USA. Orlando, FL, USA Camping World Stadium Setlist Audio  |  Video
22nd June 2022 USA. Washington D.C., USA Nationals Park Setlist Audio  |  Video
24th June 2022 USA. New York/Flushing, NY, USA Citi Field Setlist Audio  |  Video
25th June 2022 USA. Philadelphia, PA, USA Citizens Bank Park Setlist Audio  |  Video

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