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def leppard song - Long Long Way To Go

first released - 2002

Song details plus a list of the releases it has appeared on and the tours where it has been performed live.

Long Long Way To Go 2003.

This song was recorded during the sessions for the 'XTen' album and written by an outside song writing team.

song written by

  • Wayne Hector.
  • Steve Robson.

performed by

other performers / guest appearances by

  • n/a

song info

  • Song Type - Album Track/Single.
  • First Released - 30th July 2002.
  • Single Release - 14th April 2003.
  • Producer - Pete Woodroffe/Def Leppard.
  • Engineered/Mixed By - Pete Woodroffe.

song versions

  • Long Long Way To Go (Version 1) - 4:38
  • Long Long Way To Go (Acoustic Version) (Version 2) - 4:42
  • Long Long Way To Go (Radio Edit) (Version 3) - 3:59

Two other versions were released. An acoustic version was the bonus track on the UK/Japanese versions of the album. When the single was released in April 2003 various promo CDs included a shorter Radio Edit version.

audio releases

video releases

song trivia

This song was written by the writing team of Steve Robson (Stephen Paul Robson) and Wayne Hector (Wayne Anthony Hector). The band's record company suggested working with outside writers and using their songs. This one was chosen as the band all loved it when they first heard it.

After it failed to become a major chart hit the writers gave the song to Lionel Richie who recorded a version for his 2004 album 'Just For You'. It was also released as the second single from the album in August 2004 but much like Def Leppard's version it was only a minor chart hit. It reached Number 54 in Germany and Number 93 in New Zealand.

Wayne Hector had previously written many hit songs for the Irish boy band Westlife including seven Number One singles in the UK. He has gone on to work with One Direction, The Pussycat Dolls and Nicki Minaj.

Steve Robson had previously written songs for Atomic Kitten and Westlife (alongside Wayne Hector). He went on to write for Busted, Ronan Keating, Tina Turner, Take That, LeAnn Rimes and One Direction.

lionel richie releases

  • Just For You (Album) - 2004
  • Long Long Way To Go (Single) - 2004

Lionel's version lasted for 4:20 and was included on the studio album 'Just For You' released in March 2004 on Island Records. It was then released as the album's second single in August 2004.

tours played on

Long Long Way To Go / song lyrics sample

You held my hand and then you slipped away
And I may never see your face again
So tell me how to fill the emptiness inside
Without love, what is life?
And anyone who knew us both can see
We always were the better part of me
I never wanted to be this free
And all this pain, when does it go away?

Then every time I turn around
And you're nowhere to be found
I know

(1st chorus)
I gotta long long way to go
Before I can say goodbye to you
Oh, I gotta long long way I know
Before I can say goodbye
To all I ever knew, to you
To you

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