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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard May Be Planning 2016 South American Tour/Costa Rica Show

Wednesday, 4th May 2016

Buenos Aires 1997.
Joe In Argentina 1997

The local press in Costa Rica have said local promoters are looking to bring Def Leppard to the country for a show.

Backstage Magazine has said rumours of plans to bring Def Leppard to the country for the first time have been circulating locally. They also asked local fans if they would like to see them perform and that they had been close to playing there twice before.

Phil mentioned in August 2015 that the band were "looking at some South American stuff" for 2016 along with the current tour of North America.

These rumours from Costa Rica suggest a South American tour may still be in the works. It seems highly unlikely they would only play one country.

Phil said in March the current tour could run until November/December.

Earlier in March Phil also said "there's some other shows around the world that are gonna be interesting." suggesting tour dates outside of North America after 10th October.

One of the times they might have gone to Costa Rica (other than 1997) is 2012 when Vivian Campbell discussed South American tour plans and also the issues the band faced in trying to make it happen.

The band's only previous South American tour was in April 1997 when they played 12 shows in Central/South America at the end of the Slang tour.

The tour was played to ecstatic fans but was also hit with problems including at two cancelled shows and low attendance in Brazil. Alongside the much played Mexico and Puerto Rico the band visited - Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil.

Since that tour the only member to return to South America was Joe in April 2012 with The Rock n Roll Allstars who later became Kings of Chaos. Due to a dodgy US promoter most of the dates were cancelled a few days before they were due to take place.

They did manage to play in Paraguay (x1), Argentina (x2) and Peru with dates in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela all cancelled.

Making Joe the only member of Def Leppard to have performed in Paraguay and Peru.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Backstage Magazine - News Quotes (Translated)

"Def Leppard In Costa Rica?: Rumour"

"In the local environment circulates strong interest to bring this band to Costa Rica."

"On two previous occasions were close to coming, you like to see this band in Costa Rica?"

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