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Joe Elliott Singing Nursery Rhymes With Son During Vocal Recovery

Tuesday, 5th April 2016

Sunrise, FL 2016.
Screenshot by dltouristory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Cincinnati radio and mentioned his recovery from vocal issues.

Joe talked about the current Def Leppard album, the long gap between albums, his vocal issues, his vocal troubles in 1983, things he likes to do when not on tour, holiday destinations and who he'd like to sing with.

Joe says his voice is on the way to recovery but he hasn't yet sung 90 minutes worth of vocals. He has been singing nursery rhymes with his son though (insert "awww"...).

He also references his vocal issues back in June 1983 when multiple dates had to be postponed during the first two months of the band first arena headline tour for Pyromania in the USA.

The interview was conducted to promote the 5th July Cincinnati, OH show.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview below.

JD And Bridget/96 Rock - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

His Vocal Issues/Recovery/Were you scared?

"Well if it was through wear and tear, you'd be very scared. But it was just through illness. Yeah I had pneumonia this summer but I also just got a really bad cough over the winter. Well over Christmas which just didn't clear up. I've never had this issue before so I figured that it would clear up. It always has in the past but when we got out on to the boat. It just didn't clear so we took a week. And then when I got to Fort Lauderdale it hadn't improved and I'd seen two throat doctors who'd highly recommended that I took a four to six week break because if I did any more attempt at singing, I could do some damage."

"So that's when it was like OK now it's time to take a break you know. But other than that everything else about me was fine. It's just literally I couldn't sing because it was - it was just damage through so much coughing. That it has just to heal. So I'm well on the way now."

Did you have to refrain from talking?

"No, not particularly you know because I was gonna be nursing - if they'd have said zip it. I've had to do that in the past. Back in 1983 I lost my voice. When we went from opening act to headline act and we literally extended the set by 45 minutes. My voice couldn't hack that transition (at) the speed that we did it. And I did have a doctor say don't speak for ten days and it kinda worked."

"But with this one we got the three month kind of build up and it's just there's no need to do that. You know just don't do anything you know like start smoking Stogees in a nightclub. Which I wouldn't do anyway. You know what I mean it's just, just relax. You know nurse yourself back in and just let the cough go. So they put me all on the right medications to clear that up. And everything's kind of ticking along nicely now."

Were you nervous the first time you sang again?

"Not particularly, because I've not really done it yet. To that extent yet. You know I mean I've done little bits and bobs here and there. But I haven't actually sat down and tried to sing an entire 90 minute set. But I don't need to for a month. You know what I mean so I can nurse myself in. I've just been doing a few little bits and bobs in the studio and messing around. And you know singing nursery rhymes with my kid actually. That's about as much singing in anger as I've done recently. And you know I don't envisage any problems with it really."

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