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Phil Collen On The Origins Of New Def Leppard Song Wings Of An Angel

Friday, 1st April 2016

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Leslie Derrough and mentioned new song Wings Of An Angel.

Phil talked about Joe's vocal issues/recovery, Delta Deep, new Manraze music and an archive album release, the current Def Leppard studio album, Wings Of An Angel, writing songs, David Bowie, older overlooked studio albums, MTV, Tesla and older songs - BOTH, Photograph, Love Bites, Rock Of Ages and MYIAH.

Phil explained that the origins of the song 'Wings of An Angel' date back to the VIVA! Hysteria in Las Vegas, NV which took place three years ago.

Phil recently said the band plan to release another new single from the current album to promote the summer tour.

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Songfacts - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Las Vegas 2013 Song Session

"I had the idea for a song and I think it ended up being "Wings of an Angel," but it started off completely different in Vegas. We didn't really start the album until we went to Joe's to write a song, and we couldn't stop writing."

Wings Of An Angel

"I had this demo a few years ago and when we were doing the residency we were supposed to do a documentary as well and the guy said, "Go into a studio environment and write a song." We were like, "Uh, we haven't got anything." I said, "Well, I've got this idea. Let's try that." And that's literally how it started off."

"We came back to it about a year later, or six months, and started goofing off. We actually had some other ideas that we thought were more exciting but we started that one and I think Vivian played a baritone guitar just to get this different vibe, and all of a sudden it just started writing itself. My original demo had certain amounts of it so that's where it started from and we just followed it, followed the muse, and it turned out like that. Then Rick Savage wrote some lyrics and that was the chorus and it was a very easy thing. It was amazing."

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