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Joe Elliott Says New Album Of Higher Standard Than Past Records

Saturday, 12th March 2016

Def Leppard 2015.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Milwaukee radio and mentioned the new studio album.

Joe talked about 1983 Union Jack shirts, his vocal issues and recovery, the rescheduled shows, how he keeps his voice in shape, the new Def Leppard album/its response, Dangerous, Man Enough, the 2016 tour, his favourite new bands, The Struts and REO Speedwagon/Tesla.

The interview was promoting the 8th July show in Milwaukee, WI.

Listen to the full 16 minute interview below.

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Joe And Borna/102.9 The Hog - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Response To The New Def Leppard Album

"Well of course it does. I mean you know it's what we live for really. It's not the adulation that you really care about. It's more like just the acceptance of what you've done is of quality and the majority of people like it. You're never gonna get 100 percent of people liking it. There's always gonna be haters out there. That's just the way it is whether you're Springsteen, us, U2 or Madonna. It doesn't matter. But the thing is we just had a feel with this record and we've made loads of records that have been good records that just didn't connect with the public. And we've made some records that we felt good about that did connect with the public and this is just another one of those."

"The amount of effort and kind of inspiration that we put into this record really wasn't any less or more than any record we've ever made. It's just that this one connected and the added bonus is probably just the fact that, for whatever reason, when we all came to the table with songs. They were just of a standard that was just up a notch maybe from the last few records that we've made. I don't know. Other people decide that kind of stuff."

Dangerous/Man Enough

"Well Dangerous really falls into that kind of where we've been section of that statement. We'd be the first to admit that it's got the same kind of feel as a song like say Photograph or Promises. When Phil - when any one of us came to the table with a song. We've always through our entire career, referenced the kind of embryonic riff or part of a song to something else. Just to get the point across. So when Phil said well I've got this riff. He says it's a bit like Photograph meets Promises. We knew exactly what it was gonna be like. And we knew that OK we haven't done one of those for a long time. It's like 16 years since we'd written a song like that."

"So OK let's hear it and we were ready and we heard it. And it was the same thing when he came in and says look guys I've got this bass line. It's really cool but it sounds a bit like Queen and we were like - ten years ago we'd have said well we can't go there then can we. But we went OK let's hear it and that was the song that turned into Man Enough. It's kind of got a feel like Good Times by Chic or Another One Bites The Dust or whatever. We just rocked it up a lot. All these songs on this album have got their kind of roots in what turned us on to be musicians in the first place. You know some great bands we've openly admitted to wear our kind of influences on our sleeve on this album. Whether it be Queen, Zeppelin or indeed out good selves. Some of the stuff sounds like Leppard but why shouldn't it."

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