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Phil Collen Says Def Leppard's 2016 Tour Might Run Until November

Thursday, 17th March 2016

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by Iron City Rocks and talked about the 2016 tour.

Phil talked about Delta Deep, the history of the band, the debut album and touring, his early influences, singing with Debbi Blackwell-Cook, David Coverdale, difference between DL and Delta Deep, the East Coast tour/live album, the 2016 Def Leppard tour, the VIVA! Hysteria residency/Ded Flatbird, his health, fitness and nutrition and his 2013 hand operation.

Listen to the full 23 minute interview below.

Phil's part starts at 3 mins in and lasts until 26 mins into the 58 minute podcast.

The interview was conducted in February before the rescheduled dates were confirmed and the main summer tour announcement.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Iron City Rocks - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

The Sugar Shack Tour/Do you play most of the album live?

"We do and we're contemplating what we're gonna put in this run. I think because we just done this run on the West Coast - and we're actually releasing a live album. We're calling it West Coast Live. I think we should really play that set. It's a bit like you know Frampton Comes Alive. I saw him do that in London opening up for Uriah Heep at a local cinema. East Ham Granada which was you know about (an) 1800 seater. That's a big cinema and he played that whole set. Frampton Comes Alive set. You know a year later this thing blew up. He's touring it in the States and all that stuff and it kind of blew up."

"So I think that's it because we actually had such a great time doing them and people have heard that. I think initially we'll stick to that set and then kind of - then probably have, you know, take some liberties and throw some stuff in here and there. Which we do occasionally anyway when there's just me and Debbi you know we'll throw in an Al Green song. Or Stevie Wonder or whatever you know. Just kind of something a little bit different."

The Def Leppard 2016 Summer Tour/Plans for 2016?

"Oh we got total plans. You know they haven't announced it yet but we're making up the dates. We just rescheduled the dates that we kind of cancelled. That'll be coming up and then they'll be a full blown tour. So and I've got a feeling it's gonna take us up until probably Christmas again. You know or at least November. I think once we start. Yeah we won't stop."

Ded Flatbird/VIVA! Hysteria Shows

"I loved the whole process. What was really strange. Actually it felt like two bands. The first set you know we could be a bit raw. You know rehearse the songs and it'd be Stagefright. It'd be something off High 'n' Dry. All of these kind of deep cuts and stuff and we didn't worry about it too much. Went off stage - I had a shower actually. I had the fastest turn around you know like a 20 second shower. You change clothes and then we're in Def Leppard Hysteria."

"So it was really weird actually. It was again a new experience for all of us really. You know we got so used to you know just doing one or the other but the fact that we'd actually - then it was this big expensive show where everything did matter and you did have to get it precise. But initially yeah we didn't have that. It was so much fun but I liked both parts of it. The Hysteria part as well. I thought it was just great."

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