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Phil Collen Says 2016 Def Leppard Tour Will Have New Stage/Songs

Wednesday, 27th April 2016

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed yesterday by The Zone 96.3 radio and talked about the 2016 tour.

Phil talked about playing in Billings, touring with REO Speedwagon/Tesla, the Hysteria tour, KISS, Delta Deep, Motown, musical influences, his Adrenalized book, the new Def Leppard album, Let's Go, the 2016 tour. his favourite live song to play, Prince's death, acoustic shows and the appearance on the Pawn Stars TV show.

The interview was done to promote the 14th September show in Billings, MT.

Phil says the stage set for the summer tour will be different than the 2015 production which was also used for one show in January.

Phil revealed the band will actually be rehearsing in Florida rather than their usual rehearsal studios in California.

Listen to the full 13 minute interview below.

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Willy Tyler/The Zone 96.3 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

New Stage Set/Different Setlist/New Songs

"This summer we'll be our first real opportunity to promote the new album. So you know the stage set's gonna be different. The song choice is gonna be slightly different. Obviously we've gotta play all the hot chestnuts. You know the PSSOM's. Photographs and stuff like that. But yeah it is gonna be slightly different. It's gonna look different and you know we're gonna be doing some of these new songs."

Playing New Songs Live

"I do like playing newer songs live. You know every artist wants to play their new stuff and no different here. You know we'd love it if we could just play like the whole new album. But you obviously can't do that. You have to kind of do what The Stones do and they kind of integrate it carefully into the set. So yeah I'm excited about that. Where the placement is and all of that stuff as well."

Tour Rehearsals Location

"We're good to go though. We start rehearsing. I fly to Florida tomorrow and off we go and start rehearsing. Yeah in no time at all."

The Current Def Leppard Album/The 11th Album?

"I don't know actually because do you count the live albums?. Do you count the Best Ofs?. So there's a few. But it's the first album that we actually done that was purely for us. There was no record company or an executive or a business agenda. We went in to write a single or one song and just got really excited about these new songs. Everyone was going oh try this, I've got this song. And Joe would be Oh man, try this. And we really got excited about it and before you know it we had 14 songs. So yeah it was great and hence we called it Def Leppard because it really was about us."

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