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Friday, 19th June 1992
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  • Location / Dublin, Ireland
  • Venue / The Point Depot / The Point Theatre

The first show by the band in this city since the April warm-up show.

The first time at this venue.

The venue is located on the North side of Dublin in the Docklands area right next to the River Liffey.

It was opened in December 2008 as the 3Arena following its renovation.

The photo taken on the back of the 'Animal' and 'Women' singles was shot here in 1985/1986 before the building was turned into a music venue.

The first official date of the main Adrenalize 7-Day Weekend World Tour.

As with previous Dublin shows, this show was rescheduled from the day before as seen on the show posters.

This show marked the live debut of (at the time) unreleased acoustic song "S.M.C.".

It was played as an unannounced intro to the new acoustic/electric version of BOTH.

In a change from the club tour Joe would make many long speeches during these shows and the guitar solos were the full 4-minute versions.

Various MTV News clips from the gig were shown at the time and also in the 1992 Rockumentary including long portions of Vivian's Solo, 'Rock Of Ages' and 'Photograph'.

The show intro, as in 1987/88, would see blank black curtains pulled down over the stage with the same intro music.

The opening of the Dirt Harry speech and the start of 'Excitable' (Are You Excitable?) played before the big scream and the band would start 'Stagefright' and before the curtains pulled upwards dramatically. This new show also featured more laser use and lighting effects.

The centrepiece being the new moving drumkit and the lighting rig which would move out over the audience during 'Rocket'.

The first In The Round show in the UK/Ireland and third country after USA/Canada to have this set up.

The first use of the new Diamond shaped staging featuring a movable lighting rig with four big circular pods and hydraulic drum riser.

The drum riser also moved as a whole from side to side on the main spine of the stage as well as the middle section spinning around.

At the time MTV Europe ran a contest to win a pair of tickets to this show.

Read more about this show in the Lep History section.

Fan Photos.

show intro

  • 00 - Dirty Harry/Clint Eastwood Speech/Are You Excitable?


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show info

  • Tour - Def Leppard Adrenalize/7-Day Weekend Tour 1992/1993
  • Staging - In The Round
  • Fan Recorded - none yet
  • Venue - No Website
  • Venue Address - 22 Anne Street South, Dublin, D02 CH94, Ireland
  • Irish Province - Leinster
  • Area Map - Google
  • Last Show Here - 15th April 1992
  • Capacity - 13,000 (Current)
  • Capacity - 8,500
  • In The Round Show Capacity - n/a
  • Attendance - 8,500
  • Total Gross - n/a
  • Tickets - n/a
  • Show Time - n/a
  • Promoter - MCD Productions/2FM.
  • Headliner - Def Leppard
  • Support Act - GUN

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venue street view

A view inside the arena.

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