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Def Leppard 1993. Screenshot

Def Leppard played a show in Stockholm, Sweden to start the Adrenalize European tour on 30th April 1993.

The show took place at the Globen Arena.

The opening night of the main European 'Adrenalize' tour that would conclude in Germany before the band's homecoming show at Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield.

The main 'Adrenalize' world tour had started back in June 1992 in Dublin, Ireland and taken them through the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and over 8 months worth of shows in the USA and Canada.

They had already played 13 club shows around Europe in May/June 1992 to warm-up with Vivian after four years away but were now back to rock Europe with their full production.

The second time third had started a European tour in Stockholm after the second 'Pyromania' tour in 1983 and the 'Hysteria' tour in March 1988.

The setlist was changed at this opening show of the new tour leg with 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' moved to the last encore track in place of 'Photograph'.

The first time it had ever closed a show.

One of at least two times that 'Photograph' was cut from the set of this tour leg.

The other time being in Copenhagen when it was cut out to make way for a Led Zeppelin medley with Robert Plant.

As a tribute to Mick Ronson who died on 29th April 1993 they played the first verse and chorus of 'Ziggy Stardust' during the acoustic medley section.

Joe explained this to the crowd before they played the song.

Watch 'Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad' from this show via the YouTube playlist linked below which also includes the AC/DC/Metallica medley audio.

A fan photo taken from the front row was also posted in 2017 on Instagram - view it below.

Also read Joe's on stage quotes from the audience shot video that cut in during 'Too late For Love' missing out the first three songs - 'Let's Get Rocked', 'Tear It Down' and 'Women'.

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Def Leppard 1993. Screenshot

30th April 1993 Stockholm, Sweden - Joe Elliott On Stage Quotes

Make Love Like A Man Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. Well Def Leppard back in Stockholm. It's nice to be able to bring the stage for you guys. I remember only last May or June I think it was when we just played round the corner at the club. Anybody that was there?. Good to have you back. And while we're here we're gonna be staying here for a while right. We're not going anywhere. It's gonna be an evening of rock and roll music for you, with you. We want you guys to join in. We want you guys to make as much noise as you possibly can. Alright?. So when we go to Gothenburg tomorrow night we can tell then Stockholm were the loudest of the tour so far. So are you ready?. OK we're gonna do some stuff that goes way back. And we're gonna be doing you some stuff off the Adrenalize album. This next song, this next particular song is from the Adrenalize album. This one is called Make Love Like A Man!."

Phil Collen Intro

"Thank you. Oh yeah!. Oh yeah!. I would like to introduce you to someone right now. Very good friend of mine on the guitar. Mr. Phil Collen."

Foolin' Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. That was a, that was a song from the Adrenalize album a song called White Lightning. And this next one, little tune for ya from the Pyromania album."

Animal Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. And I want, And I need, And I lust, Animal!."

Vivian Campbell Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. OK I'd like to take the time to introduce somebody to you. He's our new recruit. the newest member of the band. He's been with us just over a year already and we think he fits in very nicely. Ladies and gentleman Mr. Vivian Campbell."

Unplugged Section Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. And welcome to what has become known as Def Leppard Unplugged.For obvious reasons. We've given the electric guitars a couple of minutes off. And we're gonna play you some of our favourite Bavarian Marching songs. Nah nah, no. No seriously what we're gonna do is we're gonna have a bit of fun right now alright. You wanna have a bit of fun with us?. What we really wanna know is if you guys are in good voice. Do you wanna do a bit of singing?. OK we're gonna play you some bits of a few very famous songs you guys should know OK. And let's see how good you are." - (Snippets of AC/DC and Metallica songs then played by Phil/Vivian).

Def Leppard 1993. Screenshot

Mick Ronson Tribute

"Well we arrived at the gig this afternoon to do a soundcheck. About four O'Clock we got a phone call that wasn't particularly pleasant. A friend of ours that a lot of people over here may well know died last night."

"He was the guitar player who some people have had the privilege to play with him like Bob Dylan, Ian Hunter and David Bowie."

"The guys name is Mick Ronson and we'd like to play a little tune to pay tribute to the guy. God bless you Mick wherever you are."

Rick Savage/Tonight Intro

"Thank you. Right then let's try and cheer everybody up alright. This is a slightly different version of a song. And I'd like to introduce someone has hasn't got mentioned this evening. And quite frequently doesn't but he's a very important member of the band Mr. Rick Savage!. He's gonna start this one for ya."

Armageddon It Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. OK Stockholm we wanna see everybody with their hands way up above their heads. Right are you out there?. I said are you out there?."

Rock Of Ages Intro

"Thank you. Thank you very much. Well we've arrived at that part of the evening where young Richard here get's to introduce a song for ya alright."

After Rock Of Ages

"Stockholm. Thanks for having us. Takes care of yourself alright. Goodnight. Thank you very much. We'll see you again. Goodnight."

After PSSOM/End Of Show Speech

"Stockholm!. Until next time. Don't forget us and we won't forget you. Goodnight!."

Watch all the available fan videos on this YouTube playlist.

Def Leppard Fan Videos 1993.

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