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24 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD End SLANG Tour In Puerto Rico (Video)

Def Leppard 1997. Def Leppard 1997

Def Leppard played the final show of the Slang world tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico on this day in 1997 with a full video available.

The show took place at the 30,000 capacity Anfiteatro Luis Munoz Marin.

The band's second visit to Puerto Rico and the final show of the 1996/1997 Slang world tour. And the last of 12 shows played in Central and South America in April 1997, their only shows of that year.

They had first visited the city in February 1988 for a one-end show after completing the first six month leg of the US 'In The Round' Hysteria tour.

21 songs were featured in the setlist with 'All I Want Is Everything' left out.

The 'Slang' extended version saw more ladies on stage dancing with the band including Phil's now ex-wife Anita Thomas Collen.

Watch the full show and read Joe's onstage speeches.

The one hour 40 minute audience video includes the whole show. The audio is slightly low and only comes through on one speaker side but is the only available footage of the last night of the Slang tour.

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Def Leppard 1997. Screenshot

Joe Elliott - Pre-Foolin' Speech

"Good evening San Juan, Puerto Rico!. Buenas noches amigos (Good evening friends). Que pasa? (What's up?). Hey welcome. Welcome to the very, very, very last show of the Def Leppard Slang tour. This is it. It's all over tonight So you can help us go out with a bit of a bang, yeah. We'll do the party thing yeah. It's gonna be a lot of fun tonight. You may see some crazy things out there. Keep your eyes peeled on the stage. This next thing we're gonna do takes you guys all the way back to the Pyromania album."

Joe Elliott - Pre- Work It Out Intro

"Muchos Gracias amigos. I'd like to right now introduce to you to Mr. Vivian Campbell. Who with this next song brought forward his first erm writing thing for the group, This is a track from the Slang album for ya."

Joe Elliott - BOTH Introduction

(After kissing many of the 'Slang' dancers) "I really like my job." (kisses the last girl) "I really like my job. Who wouldn't?. It's good to be back I tell ya. It's been a while. Here's something that we played the last time we were here."

Joe Elliott - After Switch 625

"Ladies and gentleman the best f**king drummer in the world Mr. Rick Allen. Muchos gracias."

Def Leppard 2017. Screenshot

Joe Elliott - After PSSOM

"So long Puerto Rico. Adios amigos. Buenas noches."

Joe Elliott - Love Bites Intro

"Before we carry on I just to on behalf of everybody up on this stage. I wanna say a few words. I want you guys to show your appreciation for our road crew who have travelled with us for one year. For a hundred and twenty odd shows. Round of applause for the crew yeah. They've done a very wonderful job, sometimes in very harrowing circumstances. They're the best. Thanks guys. Except for you, f**k off (pointing to side stage). Alright here we go."

Joe Elliott - End Of Show Speech

"San Juan, Puerto Rico. Muchas Gracias amigos!. Buenas noches. Adios. See ya!."

"After 120 shows what a way to go out. You guys have been f**king great, really. Thanks. Till next time. And there will be a next time. Don't forget us, we won't forget you. Adios."

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