Friday, 31st January 2020
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DEF LEPPARD To Release Sin City Residency/UK Hysteria Tour Double DVD/Blu-ray

Def Leppard 2018. Def Leppard 2018/2019

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed recently by Illinois radio and mentioned upcoming 2020 releases.

Joe spoke to Double T to promote The Stadium Tour and the Down 'n' Outz.

Joe talked about the Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album, Song Style/Goodnight Mr. Jones, Down 'n' Outz Original Material, This Is How We Roll Album Recording, Song Writing, Song Writing Versus Playing Live, Song Writing Versus Playing Live/The Stadium Tour/Down 'n' Outz Tour, The Stadium Tour 2020, strong ticket sales, Def Leppard's Success/Getting Bigger and Def Leppard 2020 Plans/2020 Vision Series.

Early Years Box Set

He spoke at first about the now announced The Early Years 79-81 box set, saying that it was 'about to drop'.

2020 Vision Series

He then went on to talk about the exciting upcoming series of releases without giving many details of the older material. However he did mention this juicy bit of info:

Sin City Residency/UK Hysteria Tour DVD

Joe announced that the Sin City Residency live DVD will be released "soon" along with the UK Hysteria tour DVD from 2018.

They will be part of a double DVD/Blu-ray set.

These will 'quite probably' be the first in the 2020 Vision series of releases that Joe said will come out throughout 2020.

Late last year Joe told SiriusXM that the Vegas release would come out in the 'first quarter' of 2020.

The Vegas DVD was recorded over two nights in September 2019. The final Sin City Resindency shows were filmed and featured 28 different songs played over the two gigs.

The O2 Arena show in December 2018 was filmed with a professional film crew and initially said to be part of a cinema release by the band's photographer.

That show took place on 6th December 2018 and included the full Hysteria album and five more songs including 'Wasted'. The first time the band had played this arena and a show which sold out in a couple of hours.

The Stadium Tour/New Songs

He also commented on the 'quite insane' success of The Stadium Tour 2020 ticket sales as well as the band continuing to work on new songs.

Listen to the full 20 minute interview below.

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97/6 The Eagle/Double T - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

The Stadium Tour 2020

"It certainly is we're bringing, you know, a roller coaster, fun fair, circus to town if you like. We're basically taking a festival to 29 stadiums around the US. And it's testament to every band, to that genre of music and the excitement of us all playing together on the same day."

"Half of these stadiums sold out before Christmas. And the first one's not till late June. You know what I mean. It's incredible really."

"Yeah it's not the only one. It's quite mindblowing. I mean even at this. You could think that people like us are long in the tooth and, you know, and nothing surprises us or shocks us any more. But we were all genuinely like just gobsmacked. You know we're talking jaw dropping like wow-ness at just how popular this is."

"We knew it would be popular, but just the fact that it's shot out the canon the way it has is quite insane really."

"It's a great feeling I gotta be honest."

Def Leppard's Success/Getting Bigger

"Well surprised I suppose, we like to keep everything humble and ground level. We don't take anything for granted, but if there's a reason why. Other than the fact that people, you know, kind of gravitate towards these songs 'cause they're part of their youth or, you know, they just happen to like us more than some other band.."

"We have put an astonishing amount of work into getting where we are. You know when the 90s came along, which was supposed to kill the likes of us, we didn't roll over and die like a lot of bands did."

"And we fought through that sticky patch that was like the 90s. It was very turbulent, but turbulence. Something about turbulence is if you're in a jet sooner or later it clears and then you're into the old blue sky again you know."

"And we had to work really really hard to get back to where we are. And in fairness it's arguable that we've actually gone beyond where we were. I think quite possibly from a live perspective we are bigger now than we were when Hysteria was top of the charts."

"I don't think, I think I'd be lying to you and the listeners if I was to say that I think we're ever gonna re-achieve record the way we did because other than a handful of artists like Ed Sheeran and, you know, Adele and Taylor Swift. Katy Perry maybe, there's really nobody selling records any more."

"So that's just the way that the business has gone. But live has gone through the roof. And that's why we all got to wanna be in bands you know. You have to remember nobody as a 17, 16, 15 year old kid ever met another kid on the corner of a street. You know whether it be me and Pete Willis back in the day. Or Mick Jagger and Keith Richard. Or John Lennon and Paul McCartney."

"They never looked at each other and said: 'Hey man let's form a band. Can't wait to spend three years in a studio'. Nobody ever said that. They wanted to play in front of people. And so the fact that it's gone that way suits us to the ground because the studio is tedious."

"The studio is something you have to do to create and it's hard and it's difficult, but to celebrate the music that you've made and play live in front of people and play songs that are accepted and loved. And we love the them too. It's never a chore for us."

"BSo to be playing those in front of increasingly bigger audiences year after year after year is a testament to the hard work that we put in to get there you know. It doesn't happen to every band. So we are aware of the fact that we are blessed in that department and we never take it for granted."

Def Leppard 2020 Plans/2020 Vision Series

"We have all sorts of stuff going on you know. Def Leppard, when we're not visible we're like a room with the curtains drawn. There's a lot of activity going off behind those curtains but you just can't see us you know."

"So you know we're writing new music. We're about to drop some classic old stuff that's not been seen before. We're putting a lot of video together for this. We've got a run of video releases coming out this year. that we're titling 2020 Vision for obvious reasons."

"And it's like, you know, it's our history. We're basically. We've got stuff that's relatively new like the Vegas Residency that we did towards the end of last year. And the Hysteria tour that we did around the UK that's coming out as a double DVD/Blu-ray disc soon as well."

"So there's a lot of stuff that we're working on old and new. So it's constant. We're just, we're not seven days a week, you know, nailed down in a room doing it because everybody lives all over the world. But we've got an energy where it works."

"You know we can just do little bits at a time and we still get a lot of stuff done in short bursts. But the main focus right now is is these shows 'cause they're very very important."

Def Leppard 2019.

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Def Leppard / Latest Tour

Def Leppard World Tour 2020

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