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Def Leppard 2018. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed recently by the Montreal press and discussed the new box set.

Joe spoke to Mitch Lafon recently for his Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon podcast to promote The Stadium Tour.

During the chat he mentioned the upcoming 'On Through The Night' related box set.

Joe talked about the Down 'n' Outz This Is How We Roll album, making stripped down songs, solo work, Down 'n' Outz Future, Hello America, On Through The Night 40th Anniversary In March 2020, 2020 setlist, High 'n' Dry Album, Mutt Lange Production, Band Relationship With Montreal and expanding The Stadium Tour into 2021.

Early Years Box Set/Oxford 1980 Show

Joe again talked about how good the Oxford 1980 live show is but did not indicate there would be much other bonus material. Of course the first two albums and one live show which was less than 90 mins will not make up all five discs.

The online listings of this release mentioned in November included five discs and tentatively due on 20th March.

On Through The Night 40th Anniversary

Joe also said the band are happy to celebrate and talk about this album but none of the songs will feature in their live show this year.

High 'n' Dry/Working With Mutt Lange

He also explained how the band came to work with Mutt Lange and how it relates to the 1979 tour with AC/DC.

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Rock talk With Mitch Lafon - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Playing Hello America?

"That's the kind of thing I'd expect from Nikki (Sixx). I suppose I'm gonna have to do the same thing and throw something in the air, you know, equally as testing as that particular request was. I doubt very much we'll be playing something from the first album because, you know, Vivian and Phil weren't on it. We've occasionally played Rock Brigade just because we may have been brow beaten by a certain front row somewhere and when we've played it it's been three people that recognise the song."

On Through The Night 40th Anniversary In March 2020

"So you know there's just certain parts of your career it's OK to jettison and the first album for us, prtty much is at this point in our career. We've no problem it existing and no problem celebrating it's 40th anniversary by talking about it and doing an Early Days re-release."

"I think the cool thing about the re-release is not the fact that the album's just been remastered 'cause essentially it's just the same record but it may sound a little brighter and a little more pristine than the original vinyl did 40 years ago."

"But it's the bonus material of the live performance of most of that album from Oxford New theatre in 1980. We'd forgotten about the tapes to be quite honest. And when we dug them out and preserved them by baking them as you have to and then transferring them into Pro Tools."

"We were very surprised at how good it was. So we were more than happy to put it out. And with hindsight really glad that we made the decision to record it. Why we never put it out before I don't know. But we I guess back in those days the mantra was you make the record you tour and then you make an other record. Whereas this day and age it's not really like that any more."

"And so pulling out the old material. We're kinda just doing what The Beatles have been doing. Or The Stones or The Who. You know you're moving into a different aspect of your career where the hindsight part of it is very interesting to long term fans. So that's something to celebrate for sure."

2020 Setlist

"As for what we're gonna play live we haven't made that decision yet. But I think Nikki may be a little disappointed on that one."

High 'n' Dry Album/Mutt Lange Production

"Well don't forget as well before AC/DC Mutt Lange had had some UK success at least with bands like City Boy, Boomtown Rats. A band called The Motors. He did their first album. So he'd only really just moved into what you'd call massive success. But it was more a case of like right place right time. You know Mutt Lange was AC/DC's producer when they were out on their Highway To Hell tour. And we got the support slot on the Highway To Hell tour because we ended up with the same management as AC/DC."

"They were signed to Leber Krebs in New York and Leber Krebs heard our first EP and loved it and wanted us and they signed us. And by the time we got onto the Highway To Hell tour where we were kind of on trial to see how good we were 'cause, you know, you get to play ten songs rather than just the three that they'd heard from the studio. We were kind of on board and Mutt would come and see AC/DC and Peter Mensch who was our representative at Leber Krebs begged Mutt to come up and watch the band. He was already in the building. So he said will you come and watch my new signings."

"And Mutt saw us and in his words way after the fact, he said that night which was at the Bingley Hall in Staffordshire. he says 'I saw a rough diamond'. he says I saw massive potential that needed a really good polish. And he loved the idea of us being this piece of clay I suppose. That he could mould a certain way, but it had to be you know."

"We had some great riffs. We had some great melodies. We had some great vocal ideas. We wanted to utilise the power of a band like AC/DC but use the kind of dynamics and melody of a band like Queen. If we could kind of mould the two of them together. And I think Mutt was looking for a band that were willing and able to be that band. And that was us you know."

"We were young. We were 15, 16, 17, 18 year old kids. And getting the opportunity to work with Mutt Lane you take it you know. You don't look that gift horse in the mouth. You sign that particular, you know, contract there and then sort of thing. We went through some hellish times with Mutt learning, on the learning curve you know. Learning how he worked. Adapting to this new way of working. But it was worth every, you know, blood sweat and tears that we spilled if you like. All of it because we learned from him and that's what we wanted to do."

"We furthered ourselves. He had a band that were prepared to go the extra mile where a lot of other bands that he'd worked with didn't. Which is why maybe he only made one album with Foreigner. I don't know. Certain bands, their relationship with a produced only lasts for a while. Other artists like Queen worked with Roy Thomas Baker for six albums because they saw the same kind of thing and so did he."

"So what we saw was what we hoped when we worked with him on High 'n' Dry. Was the beginning of a long fruitful relationship in the studio. And that's exactly what we got."

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