Friday, 31st January 2020
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VIVIAN CAMPBELL/LAST IN LINE Give Updates On 3rd Album Recording In California

Last In Line 2020. Screenshot

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has started recording the third album with his band Last In Line this week.

Earlier this week the band began the recording sessions for their third studio album in California.

The band are at The Steakhouse Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

Vivian had announced the album's writing had been 80% completed late last year during a December 2019 interview when he said they will likely start recording it by February 2020 in Los Angeles.

He had also said it may not be released until late 2020 and will come out on a new record label after they ended their contract with Frontiers Music after two albums.

The band have now shared some video clips from the studio on Facebook as they work on the follow-up to February 2019's 'Last In Line II'.

As expected Last In Line have now removed the 20th June Hellfest show from their website due to the scheduling conflicts. They are however still listed on the festival's website line-up section.

Many new live shows were recently scheduled by the band's website for 2020.

They have also removed the Ramona, CA show but it is still listed by the venue site and tickets are still on sale.

The band ended their 2019 touring on 14th December in Tilburg, Holland.

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Last In Line 2020 Video Quotes

Jimmy Bain Anniversary

Andrew Freeman - "Yeah today is the anniversary of our friend Jimmy Bain's passing four years ago."

Vinny Appice - "We miss him. We love him."

Vivian - "I went to see him this morning and he said to tell you guys you're a bunch of c**ts. So there you go. Bunch of c**ts. Courtesy of Jimmy except he said it in a Scottish accent."

Phil Soussan - "Very muffled Scottish accent. I'm glad that we managed to keep his legacy alive."

Andrew Freeman - "It's hard to believe that we started this whole thing what?. Six, seven years ago now. And three albums, we're on our third record. Still going strong."

Vivian - "We still suck."

Studio Update

Phil Soussan - "We had lunch."

Andrew Freeman - "We just had lunch. We walked into this place and there's a bunch of stuff that we don't really know how to use."

Vivian - "We're cutting tracks."

Andrew Freeman - "It's really funny, we all just kinda showed up here. And we were all like, what are you don't here?. I don't know, what are you doing here?."

Phil Soussan - "Day two."

Vivian - "Day two of album three. Follow the math. Day two, album three."

Vinny Appice - "Album three which follows album two."

Vivian - "Which was called II so we should call this three."

Andrew Freeman - "Which is a real surprise because there was never supposed to be an album one and now we're on album three."

Vinny Appice - "Album three and we don't have a title."

Vivian - "And we're in a real studio."

Phil Soussan - "You know what the title is?...'cause we don't."

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