Wednesday, 24th January 2018
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PHIL COLLEN On DEF LEPPARD's Streaming Deal/New Music (Audio)

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen commented on the band's streaming deal and new music during a new radio special.

Phil was speaking alongside Joe to host Dan Neer for a new syndicated radio special.

The show titled 'Def Leppard Streaming/On Tour and All Access' lasted for 51 minutes is currently being broadcast on US radio. It feature new interviews with Joe and Phil plus archive audio from 1987 and 2005 also including Rick and Sav.

Phil talked about the band's music now being streamed, 2018 Journey tour, the band's early days, the Def Leppard band name, Spoon Factory rehearsal space, meeting Mutt Lange/High 'n' Dry album/BOTH, High 'n' Dry/Pryomania sales/success, the Hysteria album, Rick's car accident/recovery, 1986 comeback shows, Animal/First UK hit, Hysteria/Joe's vocals, PSSOM, Steve's death in 1991/tragedies, Slang album, Vivian's current health, new music and whether DL/Journey will play with each other on stage this summer.

The new interviews were done on 16th January with some older interview audio also used from 1987, 2005.

Phil mentioned the band's streaming music deal and was also asked about making new music.

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Def Leppard Streaming/On Tour and All Access - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Def Leppard Streaming/What took so long?

Phil (2018) - "We were waiting for the right deal you know. The time wasn't right for us and the offers weren't right for us and we didn't wanna just like throw all of this hard work that we've put out. So we was waiting for the right deal and the right deal came along finally so we're good to go. I've always loved streaming. I thought it was a great medium. I thought it was like magic you know. That you can just turn your phone on and listen to it whenever you want and wherever you want. Mostly, you know, if you've got a good signal. I listen to music via streaming all the time. Godsend to me you know. I work out. I have my phone on. I plug it into stuff, speakers and whatever. it's great. I absolutely think new audiences will get turned on by it."

"When we done Hysteria Mutt Lange said you know CD is gonna overtake cassettes and vinyl. It absolutely did, but we ended up with the Hysteria album you know sold on vinyl and cassette and CD. Mainly CD. So it's really exciting for us to go digital because there's a whole brand new audience out there that really hasn't had access to it and they'll finally get it."

Vivian's Current Health

Phil (2018) - "Viv's doing fantastic. He's healthy and happy and it was a bit of a scare obviously. You know he has to take care of himself which is exactly what he's doing. So he's really good and probably when this comes out he'll be joining me on stage because we'll be playing LA on the G3 tour and he's gonna be joining us there. So that's gonna be great."

Recording New Music/Some Bands Don't Do That

Phil (2018) "Not us. I mean it's one of the most important things. It would really suck if you were in a band and you didn't try and write songs. That's the whole point of being in a band I thought. And not just playing live or being a novelty act you know you wanna get out there and create. And creating stuff is the most part of the whole thing. So we'll constantly be doing that you know. New blood and just getting ideas and we're always trying to write the perfect song."

Animal/First UK Hit Single

Phil (2005) - "It was actually a big deal because you know we're obviously we're from there. And we were totally ignored, but I can understand why. The music we do is really based on American music. You know we sing with an American accent. You know Mick Jagger sings with an American accent because he learnt from blues singers. It's like that's what you do and it was an American art form. So we loved that. Even The Beatles, everything was based on American music. So I can totally get that, why in England they weren't really getting it because it sounded very much like an American band. They thought we'd sold out."

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