Wednesday, 24th January 2018
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD Will Tour The World In 2019 (Audio)

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has said the band will expand their touring worldwide in 2019 during a new radio special.

Phil was speaking alongside Joe to host Dan Neer for a new syndicated radio special.

The show titled 'Def Leppard Streaming/On Tour and All Access' lasted for 51 minutes is currently being broadcast on US radio. It feature new interviews with Joe and Phil plus archive audio from 1987 and 2005 also including Rick and Sav.

Phil talked about the band's music now being streamed, 2018 Journey tour, the band's early days, the Def Leppard band name, Spoon Factory rehearsal space, meeting Mutt Lange/High 'n' Dry album/BOTH, High 'n' Dry/Pryomania sales/success, the Hysteria album, Rick's car accident/recovery, 1986 comeback shows, Animal/First UK hit, Hysteria/Joe's vocals, PSSOM, Steve's death in 1991/tragedies, Slang album, Vivian's current health, new music and whether DL/Journey will play with each other on stage this summer.

The new interviews were done on 16th January with some older interview audio also used from 1987, 2005.

Phil mentioned the band expanding their touring around the world in 2019.

This comes after he said the current tour would last up to two years in a recent interview.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Def Leppard Streaming/On Tour and All Access - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2018 North American Tour With Journey

Phil (2018) "Touring this summer, I'm stoked. It's the start of a very, very long tour. We've been getting offers in for 2019 all over different parts of the world. When anyone says why don't you come to this place, it's 'cause usually we haven't got enough time. So we're trying to you know tick all the boxes. So yep summer will be great in US and then wherever we go from there. I think we're going out from May to October. So we're really excited about that."

Joe - "Hi this is Joe Elliott. All Access."

Phil - "Hey I'm Phil Collen from Def Leppard. Welcome to Def Leppard streaming and on tour."

Def leppard/Journey Joining Each Other On Stage?

Phil (2018) "We've played with Journey before. I've jammed with them before. I've been on stage with them. They are an amazing band and I'm a huge fan. And it's gonna be awesome. One of the great things. We were actually sitting in a dressing room in Saratoga Springs in New York. With Journey, this was like 2006 and Jonathan Cain said I wrote Faithfully on that piano. It was a piano that happened to be there and most of the guys out of Def Leppard and most of the guys out of Journey. We all just sat round this piano and we all started singing together. And I wish someone would've recorded it 'cause it was amazing. So yeah, I don't see why not."


Phil (2005) - "A lot of rock bands, even to this day, when they do backing vocals they sound really sweet and lovely and it sounds like it was very well sung. But it was nice. We come in with a raw rough edge. It was streaming in tune. It was more based on the punk ethos. You know or AC/DC, scream but do it right. So it was a combination of both and if you could make that tuneful and Mutt wanted us to do that. He said let's make it manly. So that was the thing and I think with Photograph it kind of reminded me of More Than A Feeling by Boston. But it had this edge that that didn't have. And don't get me wrong I love that song. You knowMore Than A Feeling was such a huge influence and and the way that Boston sounded, but it was rock. That sounds kind of a bit mellow and sweet and it's fantastic production, playing, singing, killer. But sweet, it was nice. This was nasty, you know, we added a bit of nasty in there. I think that was the essence of that particular thing that made it different and that's why I think that song on the radio scored such a big hit because again you hadn't seen that before."

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Phil - (2005) "I wrote the riff. Mutt wrote the intro and played it finger style. And I said you know I suck at finger style playing, I'm useless. He said well just, how would you do it?. So I done it like the, you know, with a pick and he's like there you go. Joe was sitting in a corridor. We'd finished all the songs and we were just finishing the album up. And Joe's going "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and Mutt goes, what's that?. He said Oh, I don't know. And within ten days we'd finished this song and the record company went crazy 'cause we'd spent all this time and Mutt said you know what, I think this is actually gonna be the most important song on the record. So we really need to record this. And we'd got the hang of it then. It was like the quickest song on the record. It flew. And it had all the stuff. You know it was sexy. It just had all the right ingredients and elements. I do know that Mutt said let's make it kind of Rap because you know Run DMC and other bands were kind of exploding and the meter was a rap meter. So that's really where that come from. Which again is interesting 'cause again rock bands don't usually do that. They don't do anything like that that's supposed to be the opposing genre. You don't, god forbid you cross them. And that's what we were all really about. That album in particular it was like taking different genres and just like mixing them all up."

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