Friday, 19th January 2018
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JOE ELLIOTT On DEF LEPPARD's 2018 North American Tour

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed on New York radio today about the 2018 tour and video is available.

Joe spoke to Jim Kerr after the 2018 tour had been announced online.

Journey's guitar played Neal Schon was also part of the interview.

Joe and Neal talked about record sales, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Joe's and Neal's first records bought, musical influences, Def Leppard back catalogue on digital services, the 2018 North American tour, stage, setlist, songs and their favourite songs of each other's.

Watch the full 14 minute interview video below and see the part where Neal doesn't actually know any DL songs (other than PSSOM).

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Jim Kerr - Joe Elliott/Neal Schon Interview Quotes

2018 North American tour

"Yes baby. 60 shows I believe. We break the laws of physics. This is one and one makes three. We toured together in 2006 and it was just one of the biggest tours that we'd done for, since Hysteria I think at the time. it was a fantastic tour. And then we kind of, excuse the pun, went our separate ways and then it just came back that like those shows were huge but this one's gonna be even bigger. The venues are bigger venues. There's at least ten stadiums involved in this tour."

Do you alternate whop opens for who?

"Yes it's derived from the Latin flippous, floppous. We will takes in turns to close the show out yeah."


"We're gonna head off down to the Lego store and by some bricks and pieces. Try and lay everything out and make a model."

You have to plan the stage

"Indeed. It needs to be done and it needs to be done pretty quick because I think the first gig's the 21st of May. So we need to get on this."


"You think about the catalogue of songs the both bands have got. You know it's close your eyes and make your own setlist up and it'll be about 80 percent correct I'm sure. We'll both throw in the odd surprise here and there. ."

Hit Songs

"Well as long as we don't have to play at the same time it should be pretty good. Actually we should pick each other's set. With a clause in it, no sabotage. Well actually I'm gonna make a request live on the radio now that you should play Chain Reaction."

Joe's Favourite Journey Song

"Chain Reaction is my favourite song by a country mile. I mean obviously it's so cliched to say I love all the hits but seriously that song's just - the guitar bit on it, the drums. The way that the vocal sounds. The production of it all."

Neal's Favourite Def Leppard Song

"Oh wow that's a tough one. Pour Some Sugar On Me is pretty good. They have so many great songs. ."

So Many Songs

"Well you're gonna play them all. I mean you know. We certainly have never shied away from playing the hits."

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