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Monday, 22nd January 2018
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  • Location - USA
  • Station - Syndicated
  • Show - Def Leppard Streaming/On Tour and All Access

A 51 minute radio special interview with Joe Elliott and Phil Collen by host Dan Neer. Also featuring archive audio from 1987 and 2005 with Joe, Phil plus Rick and Sav.

Phil talked about the band's music now being streamed, 2018 Journey tour, the band's early days, the Def Leppard band name, Spoon Factory rehearsal space, meeting Mutt Lange/High 'n' Dry album/BOTH, High 'n' Dry/Pryomania sales/success, the Hysteria album, Rick's car accident/recovery, 1986 comeback shows, Animal/First UK hit, Hysteria/Joe's vocals, PSSOM, Steve's death in 1991/tragedies, Slang album, Vivian's current health, new music and whether DL/Journey will play with each other on stage this summer.

Listen to the full audio via the News link.

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Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar
Phil Collen - Guitar