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Def Leppard Band Member - Rick Savage

bass guitar since 1977

A section for Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage with details of all releases and tours played on and personal information.

Def Leppard Rick Savage.

rick savage 1977 to Present

  • Instrument - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals.
  • Joined Band - November 1977.
Main Information
  • Full Name - Richard Savage.
  • Birth Date - Friday, 2nd December 1960.
  • Birth Location - Sheffield, England.
  • Nickname - Sav.
  • Previous Bands - Atomic Mass (Guitar/Bass - band became Def Leppard).
  • Lives In - Sheffield, England.
  • Father - Kenneth Ernest Savage (died May 1994).
  • Mother - Sarah Ann Savage (formerly Barton).
  • Brother - John Savage.
  • Brother - Brian Savage.
  • Wife - Paige Savage (formerly Hannon/Zelazney) (September 2004).
  • Ex-Wife - Dara Corcoran (1994-1996).
  • Children - Tyler Kenneth Savage (Son - born 5th July 2000).
  • Children - Scott Savage (Son - born December 2001).
  • Children - Jordan Savage (Paige's daughter from previous relationship).
  • Children - Ray (Paige's son from previous relationship).
  • Grandchildren - Sophie (Daughter of Ray - born July 2013).
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band member - information

Sav was born in Sheffield, England and lived a few streets away from Joe Elliott.
Learned guitar aged ten and later became a junior footballer for Sheffield United.
He would go on to form Atomic Mass alongside future Leps Pete Willis and Tony Kenning.
The band would become Def Leppard in November 1977.

Rick Savage (1993 on band's early days)

"There was always that feeling that there was something there that was bigger than met the eye at the time."
"You don't know whether that's just kids being over-enthusiastic and dreaming, but we definitely felt that there was some spark there."

Joe Elliott (1992)

"Rick Savage is a brilliant bass player. Nobody keeps time better than him."

Bell's Palsy

In 1994 Sav was diagnosed with the condition Bell's Palsy which affects a specific facial nerve.
At the time he suffered partial paralysis on the right side of his face.
His condition greatly improved and he is still recovering.

Outside Appearances

Sav's only musical work outside of Def Leppard was singing backing vocals in 1990.
He appeared on Irish band No Sweat's single 'On The Edge' which was recorded in Dublin.
Contributing backing vocals to the song 'For Just A Day'.

Solo Project Plans

In the September 2015 Classic Rock Fan Pack magazine Sav revealed plans for some kind of solo work.
He did not give specific details but suggested it would not be a full band project.
As of mid-2018 this project has still not been announced.

Rick Savage (2015)

"Not to come across as all mysterious but all I'll say is: watch this space. I'm getting to the point where, for me personally, it would be interesting to do something outside the band.
I've got something in mind. I don't think you can really call it a side project. The rest of the band don't even know about it. In fact, nobody knows anything about it."

releases featured on

tours played on

  • All tours since 1978.
  • Has played at every Def Leppard concert.

releases featured on

  • All since The Def Leppard E.P. (1979)

instruments played

  • Bass Guitar.
  • Acoustic Guitar.
  • Electric Guitar.
  • Keyboards.
  • Backing Vocals.
  • Lead Vocals (2006/2015).

other bands/projects

rick savage - latest news

Def Leppard News
24th april 2018


Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage has been interviewed and spoken about his bass guitar setup ahead of the 2018 tour.

Def Leppard News
26th January 2018


Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage appeared on the BBC's The One Show earlier tonight and video/photos are available.

Def Leppard News
28th December 2017

DEF LEPPARD Appearance On BBC's The One Show To Be Shown In 2018

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage's appearance on BBC TV's The One Show will be broadcast in 2018.

tours played on

Summer Tour 2017
Def Leppard Tour - 2018

World Tour 2018

84 Shows played from March to December.

Summer Tour 2017
Def Leppard Tour - 2017

Summer Tour 2017

46 Shows played from April to October.

Summer Tour 2016
Def Leppard Tour - 2016

Summer Tour 2016

59 Shows played from January to October.

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