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Vivian Campbell Says Last In Line's Heavy Crown Influenced By Holy Diver

Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Heavy Crown 2016.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by Illinois radio to promote the Last In Line album.

Vivian talked about the other bands he's been in, Last In Line, their band history, the Heavy Crown album, Def Leppard's sound, the new Def Leppard album, Riverdogs, playing live in small and bigger places, guitar advice and his health.

Listen to the full 13 minute interview via the radio link below.

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Original Grizzlies/105.9 The Grizz - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Heavy Crown Album

"We got an offer from a record company. If we were interested in writing and recording new music. But up to that point we absolutely didn't even think about that. But once somebody actually afforded us the opportunity to be able to do so. We leapt at that and it was great. It was lovely to reconnect with Vinny and Jimmy again. And an absolute pleasure to work with them. It was always very, very easy working with those two and writing with them. It's always been a joyous experience."

"And working with Andrew was a gift as well. We got this far. We made this - what we feel is a great record and it's kind of a bitter sweet time for us because as you mentioned Jimmy just passed away at the end of January. He didn't quite get to see the release of this record unfortunately."

Making The Album

"We had no agenda when we started but like I said there is a chemistry that we had when we played. It's gonna be a little different now without Jimmy I can tell you. I don't believe musicians are replaceable. I really think you know like human beings and our own fingerprint. We're all very, very unique and we all bring very different subtleties to our art forms. When Jimmy and Vinny and I played together there was a great chemistry and when Ronnie was there it was a remarkable chemistry and the chemistry of the original DIO band. I don't think could every be replicated. You know and I think Ronnie knew that too. And it's unfortunate that the business came between us as it did back in the 80s you know and kind of tore that band apart. But I think we all knew on a creative level that it was very special."

"So it was nice to get back to that and we very much approached this record in sympathy with Holy Diver. We approached the writing and the recording process very much in a similar vein and it has a lot of those characteristics. But yet equally it goes off in different directions because of what Andrew brings to it."

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