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Vivian Campbell Says Last In Line May Tour After Def Leppard Summer Shows

Monday, 7th March 2016

Vivian Campbell 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by New Jersey radio to promote the new Last In Line album.

Vivian talked about Jimmy Bain's death, the Last In Line album Heavy Crown, Andrew Freeman, LIL band history, festival shows and future of the band, the difference between playing with LIL/Def Leppard and his health (and his dogs).

The Last In Line Heavy Crown album was released on 19th February and entered the Top 10 of the UK and USA rock album charts.

Listen to the full 8 minute interview via the radio link below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Terrie Carr/WDHA FM - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Jimmy Bain's Death On 23rd January

"Yeah Jimmy had been treated for pneumonia for several weeks before he passed away. We found out afterwards when they did a pathologist report on him that it was actually cancer - was the underlying cause. He had lung cancer and Jimmy didn't even know about that which is particularly sad. Then again knowing Jimmy I don't know if he would have done anything about it you know. He was that kind of guy. But yeah I really - I owe so much to Jimmy. He got me my break. He got me - he was the one who recommended me to Ronnie. So I auditioned for DIO back in '82. So I owed him a lot he was a good friend."

"You know and it's particularly bizarre because we actually had this album Heavy Crown was ready to be released about a year ago. And we decided not to release it because we wanted to wait until all of our schedules aligned and we could go on tour to promote it because we really believed in the record. It's just sad and ironic that we got to the eleventh hour and a month before its release, Jimmy passes away you know."

Heavy Crown Studio Album

"Frontiers Records called up and offered us a record deal. Asked if we'd like to do some new music. So we really, really hadn't thought about it up to that point. We were just happy to have this little part time project playing early DIO songs. We took the opportunity and we went in and started writing and we approached the record very much in the same spirit of how we did Holy Diver back in '82. In terms of how we wrote the songs and how we recorded them. But not in the style of the songs. I mean we didn't deliberately try and - let's write a song that sounds like DIO. I think that that's just self evident when Jimmy and Vinny and I play together. It's just the sound of DIO."

Cancelled Tour/Festival Shows

"Well we were supposed to be on tour right now and out of deference to Jimmy. We elected not to do that. We didn't feel it would be respectful to just get someone in to play bass and go off on tour. We were booked as you mentioned to do a couple of festivals. The Frontiers festival in Milan, Italy in late April and Rocklahoma at the end of May. So we will do both of those shows though I've no idea whose gonna play bass at them. We better get on that soon. It's just been difficult to actually to get our heads around to thinking about that you know."

"But I don't know what our long term future is going to hold. I guess it really depends on what the overall response is to this record in due course. I'll be going back out on tour again with Def Leppard later in the year. For a good chunk of the year and maybe after that, if there's enough interest and momentum, we'll reschedule some shows with Last In Line and go out and fulfil that obligation."

His Health And Dogs

"I'm doing well. My health is the least of my concern thank you. I'm one step ahead of my cancer. Unfortunately Jimmy wasn't. So when I view it through that prism I realise how fortunate I am. To be aware of it. To have caught it early. To have access to great health care. You know Jimmy wasn't that lucky. In any of those ways. So I'm not at all concerned about my health but I'm really deeply touched that people are concerned for me you know. Stuart continues to be a gobshite and he's particularly unpleasant at the moment because we have a five week old puppy in the house and he doesn't like to share."

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