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Vivian Campbell On New Def Leppard Album And Recording Process

Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Vivian Campbell 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by Illinois radio and mentioned the new album.

Vivian talked about the other bands he's been in, Last In Line, their band history, the Heavy Crown album, Def Leppard's sound, the new Def Leppard album, Riverdogs, playing live in small and bigger places, guitar advice and his health.

Listen to the full 13 minute interview via the radio link below.

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Original Grizzlies/105.9 The Grizz - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Def Leppard's Sound/Recording Process

"Well Def Leppard's a very, very different band to basically every other band on the planet. Of any genre. I mean Leppard's more than just a rock band. More than just a straight up rock band. And you know it's always - I think Sav probably describes it best as AC/DC meets Queen. You know it has hard rock elements but it's also very pop influenced and very intricate in the writing and the arrangements."

"You know when Leppard write and make records it's a very, very analytical. Very thoughtful process and very much in start contrast to how most rock bands write. And certainly in stark contrast to how Last In Line wrote this record. I mean Last In Line only had one agenda. To write straight up rock songs. And we did that and we really didn't give a lot of thought to what we were doing. We'd just write and we'd do it very, very quick and it was very organic."

"So you can't really compare the two you know. they're two very different things. When we make records with Def Leppard. When we do the rock stuff. That's actually a very easy genre for us to cover and then it starts becoming a little bit more complicated because we start thinking about. Well OK, we've ticked that box. Now to round out the album we kind of need to focus more on pop oriented songs. Or more studio production crafted songs and then it starts to become a much more intellectual pursuit rather than an instinctive pursuit you know."

"But that's the thing that's very, very unique to Def Leppard and it's also part of the reason why it usually takes a long time for Def Leppard to make records because in Leppard we don't always naturally accept the first ten songs that come along. We take two or three of them and then we start pulling the others apart and trying to reinvent the wheel."

"But in Last In Line we didn't have any of those complications. We just went in and rocked."

Def Leppard Album

"Yeah actually I've had a good feeling about both of these records. The Leppard record came out at the end of October and I, like I said before, I actually have been with Def Leppard for 24 years even though I'm the new guy. But I do believe that it's the strongest record that Def Leppard have put out in those 24 years."

"Ironically it's the one that I've personally had the least to do with. It's certainly the strongest record the band has had out in over two decades."

His Health/Keeping Busy

"Well thank you very much. I see it as a necessity I have to continue to work. I couldn't imagine anything worse than not being able to do that. You know than being side lined and just being at home. Just me and my illness and my dog you know that wouldn't be good."

"So it's a very important part of my recovery as it is a very important part of my life. To continue to pursue my passions. And I always wanted to do this. It's all I ever wanted to do was be a guitar played in a rock band and I'm fortunate enough right now to be a rock guitarist in two different bands. And two different greats bands too. So it's a gift you know and I'm not at all concerned about my health. I caught my cancer early. I've always been one step ahead of it."

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