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Phil Collen Recalls 1982 Pyromania Album Recording With Def Leppard

Tuesday, 12th July 2016

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by Blast Echo and mentioned his first recordings with the band.

He took part along with Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon in a Rockers' Block where they have to recognise their own songs and talk a little about each one.

Phil talks about five Def Leppard songs and one each by Manraze and Girl.

One of the songs he talks about was from the 'Pyromania' album.

Recorded in London just after he joined the band in July 1982.

The publication of this video interview coincides with the actual date he joined the band according to their 1987 biography.

Watch the 11 Minute interview below.

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Blast Echo - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Comin' Under Fire/Pyromania Recording

"Comin' Under Fire. Pyromania. I'd just joined the band. I knew all the guys beforehand. I actually - I didn't join the band. I actually just came down to help out recording. Playing solos. They wanted me to play guitar solos. And then it turned into other stuff and Mutt Lange found out I could sing and then he had me sing on everything."

"And then it was - I had the most fun on that album because I didn't actually write anything. But he would say right, play a solo on this. Just have some fun with this song. You know just go crazy. It's like wow this is great. And all the really hard work had been done. Steve Clark and Pete Willis had done amazing like rhythm tracks."

"So for me to just come in as a solo lead guitar player. It was great and again I had a different feel and a different style to both those guys. It was a little more aggressive. And even my voice is more aggressive then what they had been used to. And then he got me singing with Joe and doing all these two part harmonies and stuff. And it really. It kind of started changing the sound of the band. In a good way I think. You know so it was a different thing."

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