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Phil Collen And Troy Luccketta On Tesla Single Save That Goodness

Monday, 11th July 2016

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed in Grand Rapids, MI and talked about the new Tesla single.

Phil and Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta spoke to the WZZM 13/ABC news channel.

They talked about playing Man Enough for the first time at the Grand Rapids shows, Delta Deep, his autobiography, Phil's work with Tesla on their next album, their new single and their history with Def Leppard.

Watch the full 7 minute video interview via the link below.

Tesla will release 'Mechanical Resonance LIVE!' on Friday 26th August via Frontiers Records.

You can pre-order the digital version now.

The new live version was recorded on last year's tour with Def Leppard and the order of the songs has been updated.

The original 12 tracks are featured along with 'Save That Goodness' as a bonus track.

This was co-written and produced by Phil Collen and will be released as a single.

Watch the full 7 minute video interview via the news link.

WZZM 13 - Phil Collen/Troy Luccketta Interview Quotes

Playing Man Enough In Grand Rapids, MI

Phil - "Actually seriously it's really special we're doing something very special tonight. We're doing - intro'ing one of our new songs that we've never played before. And it's like these days you have to - you know we have these big screens and the lights. It's not just a matter of us just banging it out. You have to take all that into consideration. So yeah we're doing that. We haven't been here for ages. It's always been an amazing audience. So we're really looking forward to that."

Phil Collen Working With Tesla

Troy - "Yeah it's actually really exciting. Phil's brought a great new energy to the band. In many different ways. Yeah we can talk about that to many different facets actually. From health to playing, to writing, to producing and just becoming really the sixth Beatle. He has really done a beautiful job with us."

New Tesla Single Save That Goodness

Phil - "Actually it was gonna be a Delta Deep song and we 'Wouldn't this be great if Jeff sung on this?'. And we played it to the guys and Brian said well we have to do this song. He said you produce it. So we came up, up to Sacramento. That's where the guys are from. I'm from Southern California. Obviously not originally. Hence the funny accent. But we went up there and it was just amazing. The whole thing. It just - it was so inspiring for everyone. It was like whoah this is killer and the band kind of. You know I think they're a great band. Always have done ad I think they need more - more people should know who they are. Especially in this day and age."

Phil - "So they're great. We done this one song it turned out so well and so I was asked to do the album. So we started that. The single comes out next month and Tesla has a live album. Mechanical Resonance, which is the first album but done live."

Troy - "Another idea of Phil's."

Phil - "They're such a great live band. It's like wow it's a crime that you're not kind of promoting this. So we done that. We done the bonus track which is a studio song obviously called Save That Goodness."

Next Tesla Studio Album

Phil - "And then next year the other album - we've actually been working in the backstage today. We was doing some guitars and yesterday we was doing some stuff. It's just amazing and it's just a great way of working and it's very - the more inspired you get and the more you get things done like that. Everyone else gets more inspired. Inspiration begats inspiration I think. So we're actually going through that now and it's a joy. Honestly it's just amazing."

Troy - "For the level of commitment he's brought. The time - we had a break just recently for a little bit and it was actually not too long of a break. You spent half of that break with us and I jumped in and did the drums on the new record and then he brought those tracks out here and like he said he's working out here in Michigan."

Mechnical Resonance LIVE!

Troy - "And it is the 30th year of Mechnical Resonance and that's what he said. And that was just kind of a last minute thing on the end of the tour. You guys need to record and put out the 30th year anniversary Mechnical Resonance and put this bonus track on it. And so what we did is over like a few shows we just changed out the first two songs and managed to get the record over a couple of weeks. I haven't even heard it yet. He tells me it's great. I haven't heard it."

Phil - "It's amazing it really is. Brian Wheat mixed it. Brian is the bass player. He mixed the album. It's just killer."

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Buy Mechanical Resonance LIVE! Online

  • Buy @ - Amazon - (CD Version)
  • Buy @ - Amazon - (Digital MP3 Version)
  • Buy @ - Amazon - (CD Import)

Tesla 2016.

Mechanical Resonance LIVE! - Tracklisting

  • 01 - Rock Me to the Top (Live)
  • 02 - Ez Come Ez Go (Live)
  • 03 - Gettin' Better (Live)
  • 04 - Comin' Atcha Live (Live)
  • 05 - Changes (Live)
  • 06 - Before My Eyes (Live)
  • 07 - 2 Late 4 Love (Live)
  • 08 - We're No Good Together (Live)
  • 09 - Love Me (Live)
  • 10 - Cover Queen (Live)
  • 11 - Lil' Suzie (Live)
  • 12 - Modern Day Cowboy (Live)
  • 13 - Save That Goodness (Bonus Studio Track) - Written/Produced by Phil Collen
  • Total Time - 59:19

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