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Phil Collen Really Excited To Be Producing Next Tesla Album

Friday, 11th March 2016

Jeff Keith/Phil Collen 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Maine radio yesterday and mentioned producing Tesla.

Phil talked about the Delta Deep East Coast tour, the live album, their band history, his early blues guitar influences, the Adrenalized autobiography book, the Tesla song/producing their new album, his producing style, Sir George Martin, playing small places/big places and picking a Delta Deep song for the DJ to play.

He had previously said the new Tesla song he co-wrote and produced will be released this summer on their Mechanical Resonance 30th anniversary live album.

Phil was promoting the 24th June in Bangor, ME show with REO Speedwagon and Tesla.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview below.

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Jason Roberts/WKIT 100.3 - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Delta Deep Tour/Live Album

"Yeah before that we do the Delta Deep stuff. We're doing an East Coast run. For anyone who doesn't know Delta Deep. It's my other band. It's kind of a blues, soul, funk, hard rock. I don't know how to describe it really."

"We're having so much fun with that. We've recorded some live stuff. We played California earlier in January and we're gonna release that as a live album this summer as well."

Producing Tesla/New Song

"Yeah I'm actually - we've already started it. We've done one track that's gonna be released this summer. It's gonna be a bonus track on their new album that'll be coming out shortly. And then we're doing the whole next album. We've already got about eight songs on the go. So it's really exciting. It sounds - I'm really excited about it about how it sounds. So are they. It sounds really, really good. The songs are amazing."

"And we're gonna be re-recording some of that on tour - just around. You know I've been up to Sacramento a few times and recorded up at Brian (Wheat)'s studio. So it's just an ongoing thing and we're gonna do it in dribs and drabs. Which is really good. I love doing it that way."

Phil As A Producer/A Tough Job?

"It is. I think you know really when you get a real producer - you know I've obviously learnt so much from Mutt Lange. Who's the best there is I think. You have to be a shrink as well but there's a lot more to it and I think that you know most of the time. Artists or bands don't try and the producers don't them to try harder. And I think that's the role that I'd like to do. Is actually and from a song writing point of view. Not just get up there and play and that but just from the whole thing. Just the image of the song. What the song's about, sonically - everything."

"It can always be a bit better. A lot of people just write a song, record it, release it. And I think that unless you're a genius song writer which is only a very few. Lennon/McCartney, Stevie Wonder or someone like that, then you can't really do it. You have to go back and kind of look at it a few times and go. OK, where can I improve this."

"So really that whole producer thing should be about that type of stuff."

Even Lennon And McCartney had a pretty good producer

"Absolutely yeah, Poor George Martin just passed away. Yeah 90 years old - amazing."

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