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Phil Collen Says Def Leppard Album Is Most Important Since Hysteria

Thursday, 12th May 2016

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by The Morning Call and mentioned the new studio album.

Phil talked about the making of the current self titled studio album, the recording process, Joe's vocal issues in January, Delta Deep, working with Tesla, their new single, not looking backwards on his career and memories of past visits to Allentown including the legendary 1983 soccer game with WZZO radio.

Phil talks about the creative process for the album and says the next Tesla single that he has produced will be out soon.

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The Morning Call - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Current Def Leppard Studio Album

"We didn't really have to make a record. In this day and age, albums don't really mean anything. You don't really need to buy physical albums anymore. But we still felt it necessary to write and record our art. You know, we actually wanted to share that. So it was really done for the pure, right artistic reasons."

"But I think that this is the biggest, most important record we've actually made since 'Hysteria,' to be quite honest, I know we've done eight or nine in between, but that to me is the most important one since 'Hysteria.'"

New Tesla Single Release/Producing Their Album

"We're going to be recording that while we're on tour," he says. "They're from Sacramento, so I was up there a couple weeks ago doing some of it there. And we've been doing it backstage and it's going to be pretty exciting." He says a single he did with the band will be coming out soon.

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