Saturday, 9th June 2018
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Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was recently interviewed in Pittsburgh, PA and discussed Phil's return to the 2018 tour.

Rick spoke to Rock Titan backstage from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA on 2nd June.

Rick talked about the Toronto show, Peter Frampton, touring with Journey, his artwork, Phil Collen leaving the tour, Steve Brown, Phil's son Jaxson, his new vegan bags, being creative, Project Resiliency, his Legends series, tour highlights so far and having off nights.

Rick cleared up any confusion as to why Phil left the tour and confirmed his son Jaxson was born during the first week of the tour (as had been announced by Phil interviews earlier this year).

Watch the full 16 minute interview below.

Rick had previously spoken to Rock Titan back in January before the tour announcement was made.

Phil of course missed three shows in Hershey, Buffalo and Cleveland before returning in Cincinnati, OH on 30th May.

Watch the full 16 minute video interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Rock Titan - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Toronto Show

"We had a fantastic show last night in Toronto playing the Rogers Centre in front of...there had to have been roughly around about 40,000 people there. It was just insane. We had Peter Frampton opening up the show which was, it was just such a wonderful blast from the past. Just all those songs are in my DNA. And then Journey and then we finished things up. It was amazing."

Touring With Journey

"I was just really excited and especially the fact that we'd toured with them before. It was nice to see familiar faces. But yeah the sum total. Two bands together like Def Leppard and Journey. It's just so much more when you put us together. You can tell people are having a fantastic time. You know basically hearing hit songs, you know, all night. it's such an honour to do this, it really is."

Phil Collen Leaving The Tour

"No, Phil's been back for the last few shows. And, you know, it's so nice to have him back because you know he...we've been doing this for so long . And we were just eternally grateful. Or are eternally grateful to Steve Brown for coming out and filling in like he did."

"And just, you know, it was great to be able to be able to do that. But not quite the same. Now Phil's back it's, everybody feels like we're back in the saddle you know."

Everything's good? Everything's cool. No worries?

"Everything's fine. You know he's got a beautiful son. So everything went really well."

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