Monday, 21st May 2018
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JOE ELLIOTT On DEF LEPPARD's 2018 Stage/Spotify Singles Session

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Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Phil Collen were interviewed in New Jersey last week and the full audio is available.

Joe and Phil spoke to DJ Eddie Trunk at the Meadowlands/Continental Airlines Arena rehearsals in New York on 17th May during their week of rehearsals for the 2018 tour.

Joe talked about the 2018 tour, New York Rehearsals, Spotify Singles Session, digital/streaming deal, record company issues/Universal, 2018 stage production, his vocal/health problems, setlist changes, Hysteria tour setlist, Sav writing setlists, opening with new songs and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Phil talked about the 2018 tour opening, 2018 ticket sales, recent success, working hard, Royal Albert Hall/Rock In Rio Shows, G3 Tour, Delta Deep second album and the birth of his new son Jaxson.

Joe mentioned the Spotify Singles session that was recorded on 16th May in New York. They also talk about the new stage production and show intro.

Listen to the full 1 hour 39mins show via the SiriusXM link which is now available worldwide.

Joe's part starts at 13:30mins until 20:23mins.

Phil's part starts at 1:28mins until 1:37mins.

Many thanks To Mark.

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Trunk Nation - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2018 US Tour/New York

"We came in on Sunday night. It's great 'cause we've got seven nights in the one bed. Don't get used to that now. 62 shows to play between now and when the US tour ends if you like."

Spotify Singles Session

"So we're based in the New York area let's say because we're kind of back and forth everywhere round Manhattan doing stuff. We were in a place called S.I.R. which is a very famous rehearsal space where Bowie and everybody in the world's probably used it, The Who. We were in there for a couple of days rehearsing for a, the tour and b, for a session that we did for Spotify. I don't know whether I'm allowed to mention then on your show. Yeah we did a session for them. Just two songs. I won't say any more because I don't want to spoil the surprise for whenever it's gonna get broadcast, but bit of fun. One of ours and a cover of somebody else's stuff ."

Stage Rehearsals/2018 Tour Production

"We know what we're doing. And I'm not saying that from an arrogant point of view but the stage is pretty much the same shape and design...the bit that we stand on. That we've been using for a while. But it's the production around them's like a coat. OK you're body doesn't change the coat changes and all of a sudden you look different. You know so it's a whole new rig, lighting rig. there is a slight difference in the way that the back line has been put together. We've got giant screens as usual 'cause it's just part can't not do it these days. But we want to because when you've got a legacy of, as long as we've got, forty years or so. You've got some great stuff that you can use as content. That makes you look ridiculous."

"It's all fun and we're not ashamed of the fact that you know like on certain songs we run photographs that start of us in 1980 all the way through to this last tour and so you can see the progression and the ageing of the band or whatever you want to call it."

2018 Stage Production/Setlist Changes

"But we do what we can to make the thing look different each tour. But not radically, we're not trying to do something where it's like so different to last year where it's like to a point it could be disappointing. It's gotta be just a progression and we're OK with general progression. We'll look back on this one and say how different was it to last year and it's like somewhat different. And we'll look back to how it was three years ago and it's very different. You know it's just changing things up a little bit. You know we haven't got a new album to promote so we've changed up the setlist, but at the same time we're not playing any new songs 'cause we haven't got any new songs. But having just seen the catalogue being released it's a good tour tour for us to like promote the catalogue if you like."

Hysteria Tour/Mixig Up Setlist

"We get to do that later on in the year when we take the Hysteria tour to places...uncharted territories for that particular. like what we did in Vegas."

No Hysteria Show In America?

"Technically yes because we're doing two shows in Hawaii. But then we've got Japan, Australia and the UK but that doesn't mean to say that that's not gonna open up possibilities of doing it here. We're just not doing it right now. But of course that brings in the fact that if we're gonna do Hysteria from halfway through till the end. What are we gonna do beforehand. And look what we did it Vegas."

Trunk Nation - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

New 2018 Show Intro/Meadowlands Arena

"We were testing the intro of the show. Phenomenal. We're really really super excited yeah. So we're thrilled about that. No not saying a word. You've gotta figure it out. Yes to everything."

"Oh totally and more than that you know we're at the Meadowlands. Which is so weird I can remember playing here. (We we're supposed to say that). Really? No one said a word. Well, we're not at the Meadowlands. But if we were it really reminded me. I remember we played three nights on the Hysteria tour. OK we're in Jersey. We're in the Meadowlands, it's great. But yeah it's fantastic."

"Totally so it's realy cool coming back. I mean it really is nice."

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