Thursday, 17th May 2018
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD's Atlanta Stadium Show Will Be Amazing

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Atlanta radio and the full audio is available.

Phil spoke to Jackson Heaton of Rock 100.5 WNNX-FM radio ahead of the 1st July show in Atlanta, GA at SunTrust Park stadium.

Phil talked about his new son Jaxon, New York rehearsals/Digital deal, 2018 tour/Atlanta stadium show, touring with Journey, differences between DL and Journey, songwriting/Delta Deep/Tesla, tour production, G3 Tour, modern music industry, Pyromania songs, Hysteria album, Hysteria reissue and PSSOM.

He mentioned the Atlanta show which will be the second stadium date of the tour and second to be headlined by Def Leppard.

Listen to the full 13 minute interview below.

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Jackson Heaton - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

New York Rehearsals/Digital Deal

"We actually...I head off for rehearsals, we've got so much stuff going. It's got crazy in the Def Leppard world. In a great way, you know, it's a...the career's having a bit of an Indian summer. Just the ticket sales are crazy. We just obviously released everything digital 'cause we was holding out 'cause we could. And everything's like just amazing. It's just like popping there's things happening."

2018 Tour/Atlanta Stadium Show

"Yes really looking forward to that. We haven't done that one, no. I think, you know, we're obviously always rolling through Atlanta and we always have an absolute blast. So this is gonna be really amazing."

Touring With Journey

"Yeah we toured with them in 2006 and it was amazing. We actually, we promised each other we said we have to do this again. And this is actually the first time we were both kind of available. So they're great and we had a blast with them and I think you know the trick is there's all these great songs floating around that are still very current on the airwaves. You know you still hear Journey stuff all over the place and you hear us everywhere."

"So it's really cool if you go to that show. I remember last time people would like freak out. They knew every word to every song of both bands and it just makes for a great night."

Tour Equipment/Production

"I just got all this brand new equipment. And honestly you could if it into a briefcase like the amplifier and all that. It's just tiny. Just one little unit and two little speakers that are a 1000 watts. I mean it's ridiculous and it's like well yeah if they can put a rocket on the moon they should be able to do that. You know the whole production we've got has gone like that. The technologies gone so crazy in our favour. It sounds great. It looks even better than ever, more vivid. The screens are more vivid, the lights are more vivid. And the production just keeps getting better. And we make a point of getting better all the time. We improve as singers and we're really into that part of our art."

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