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Joe Elliott On New Def Leppard Album/2016 Tour Setlist

Wednesday, 6th April 2016

Def Leppard 2015.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Hamilton, ON radio and mentioned the new studio album.

Joe talked about the 2016 tour setlist/show, playing full albums live/VIVA! Hysteria, the new Def Leppard album, older bands playing new songs, staying together for over 20 years, new bands, The Struts and his favourite decade of music (the 70s - see Planet Rock show for details...).

The interview was promoting the 16th July show in Toronto, ON.

As with other recent interviews this was recorded on 1st April.

Listen to the full 11 minute interview below.

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Brian West/Y108 Rocks - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2016 Def Leppard Tour Setlist

"Well it depends if there's a new album involved. That's a major factor. That will always give you a new look and then you just go with your instincts you know. You sit down as a team as we are. And we go over certain things and it's like let's give this one a rest for a while and let's give this one a break. You know let's put this one in the set. So we kind of have an A, B and a C. And the A list is the ones that you know you don't get out of the building alive unless you play them."

"And then you've got the B list which might you know kind of classic album track stuff. And then you've got your C list which is maybe obscure or unheard songs for years and the brand new ones. That will obviously come and go as - depending on whether they connect or not."

Who has the last say in the band is it you?

"Not really, no. Not particularly. I mean whoever has the strongest opinion will normally kind of catch people's eye. And we'll go well he really believes in what he's saying so let's give it a try. It's just a case of instinct. We could almost finish sentences off after all this time. So like I said it kind of almost writes itself to a point. But there's just occasionally we go let's drop that one for a tour or two. Let it just sit on the sidelines for a while. And then we might change our minds after one set and go oh god I really missed it. Let's put it back in. It just depends on your mood and just the basic kind of. You know the whole agenda of the band is - it's always growing and it's always changing. So it's really difficult to answer that question deadly accurately because we half the time don't know what we're doing. We decide it kind of you know maybe just two or three hours before we go onstage."

The New Def Leppard Album/Fan Reaction

"Well in fairness it's difficult to tell yet. In the North America and Canada region because the album came out after the last tour finished. The only place we've played it is the UK where it. You know the new material that we played in the UK went down really well because it was on the radio at the time. And in Japan where the album was Number One when we toured there and they just really dug the new stuff. Which was you know kind of lifeblood for us really because you know you don't - nobody wants to go out as a nostalgia act really."

"So it was really nice to be able to say with conviction here's a song from our new album and it didn't get a groan. It was great that it was like I said in Japan and the UK we were top of the charts when we did those particular tours. So in America we've not really tested it. I think Let's Go got played maybe 8 times before the tour ended because we didn't want - naff versions up on YouTube before the actual real versions was heard by people. And we haven't played it in Canada at all. So you know that's something that we have to get back out there."

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