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Def Leppard Summer Tour 2014

Tour Dates / Setlists / Photos / Reviews / Video

A guide to Def Leppard's 2014 tour with detailed show information.

Def Leppard Summer Tour 2014.

fan contributions

  • Start Date - 23rd June 2014.
  • End Date - 2nd November 2014.
  • Promoted Album - VIVA! Hysteria Live
  • Promoted Album - Slang Deluxe Edition
  • Total Shows Played - 49.
  • Main Tour Shows Played - 48.
  • Promo Shows Played - 1.
  • Countries Played - 4.
  • Tour Legs - 4.
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Def Leppard Summer Tour 2014
Def Leppard - 2014 Tour

Leg One - USA

The first leg with 21 shows played in the USA from 23rd June to 26th July.

Def Leppard Summer Tour 2014
Def Leppard - 2014 Tour

Leg Two - USA / Canada

The second leg with 21 shows played in USA/Canada from 1st to 31st August.

Def Leppard Summer Tour 2014
Def Leppard - 2014 Tour

Leg Three - Mexico

The third leg with 2 shows played in Mexico from 4th to 6th September.

Def Leppard Summer Tour 2014
Def Leppard - 2014 Tour

Leg Four - UK / USA

The fourth leg with 5 shows played in the UK/USA from 28th September to 2nd November.

tour information

Details of the Summer Tour 2014 and with quotes from band members.
A second year of touring to promote the 'VIVA! Hysteria' live album and film which was released in October 2013 and the 2014 'Slang Deluxe Edition'.

Joe Elliott (2014)

"It was co-headline, everybody gets what they want and what they need and we were more than happy to go on first. Both bands played the same amount of time but there's just no point in arguing."
"I do think they look better in the dark than in the day so we were fine to let them go on last. It makes no difference to us. But it was fantastic the crowds were great. The camaraderie in the corridors backstage was fantastic."

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Countries Played

band members


co-headliner/show closer

  • KISS - USA/Canada.

main support acts/special guests

  • Kobra And The Lotus - USA/Canada.
  • Coda - Mexico City.

festival acts

  • Bone Thugs n Harmony - Mexico.
  • Azealia Banks - Mexico.
  • Vicentico - Mexico.
  • Little Jesus - Mexico.
  • Los Rumberos - Mexico.
  • Atlas - Mexico.
  • Funk Pterodactyl - Mexico.

def leppard 2014 tour news

Def Leppard News
17th March 2014

KISS/Def Leppard 2014 Tour Dates Announced

Def Leppard and KISS have today announced their 2014 Summer Tour of the USA and Canada which will kick off on 23rd June.

Def Leppard News
26th June 2014

Def Leppard/KISS Summer Tour 2014 Starts In Salt Lake City

Def Leppard and KISS started the Summer Tour 2014 last night in Salt Lake City, UT with 14 full songs played.

Def Leppard News
3rd November 2014

Def Leppard 2014 Tour Ends In Temecula, CA

Def Leppard played their final show of 2014 last night in Temecula, CA with an unchanged 16 song set played.

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VIVA! Hysteria Live 2013
Slang Deluxe Edition 2014

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