Thursday, 22nd June 2017
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PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD Wrote A New Song This Week

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by Chicago radio and the full audio is available.

Phil talked to The Download with Justin Kaufmann on WGNRadio in Chicago, IL.

Phil talked about playing in Chicago/Tinley Park, 30 years since the Hysteria album, recording the album, guitar work with Steve Clark, Steve's death in 1991, writing a new Def Leppard song, Tesla, the band's loyalty/integrity, Universal Music digital dispute and his health and fitness on tour.

He says the band worked on another new song last weekend. He also comments on the ongoing Universal dispute without really saying anything we didn't already know.

He was promoting the show in Chicago, IL which takes place on 24th June.

Listen to the full 18 minute interview via the radio link. Phil's part doesn't start until 2:20 mins in.

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The Download with Justin Kaufmann - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Steve Clark's Death

"We never really thought from a band point of view. I mean Steve was my best friend. So it was, all of us actually, it was never really about - and when Rick had his accident as well it was never really about well, what about the band. It was always about the family. You know the personalities and that. So that always kind of precedes everything else and the band and the music kind of just fell in naturally. And I think that was one of the reasons why we're still around. You know it's kind of - it's us first and then we're lucky to kind of, it worked in a musical kind of sense as well. And I think with a lot of other bands, they argue. They have all this other stuff going off and it kind of influences that. You know with us it's a joy. It's a real joy to play this music that we've written."

Writing A New Song

"And you know we've been a writing a new song over the weekend and we hope to have some stuff out for next year. And I'm thrilled with it. I'm thrilled with writing. I'm thrilled with you know playing it to the rest of the guys in the band and just kind of it works a lot different to other bands and the way they function."

Producing The New Tesla Album

"You know I just produced the new Tesla album and the way we approached that was exactly that way. I basically joined the band for a year and a half while we were on tour. We've had such - the best time you know. Just being creative and being totally inspired by each other and that's the way to do it I think. And it's - instead of sitting in the studio and approaching it different - it's horrible. So you know when you get inspired it's a completely different thing."

New Music

"I'm totally happy where we are right now. We're getting new music and like I said, I love the approach of the way that we do that. You know it's not sell out, it's real and it is integrity and that's everything. It really, it kind of helps us out and like I said it's the reason why people keep coming back to it."

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