Monday, 17th April 2017
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DEF LEPPARD To Reissue HYSTERIA Album For 30th Anniversary

Hysteria 1987.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by the New York press and mentioned a new edition of Hysteria.

Phil mentioned a special new version of Hysteria is set to be released for the album's upcoming 30th anniversary.

The anniversary takes place on 3rd August which was the worldwide release date in 1987.

U2 recently released a new 30th anniversary edition of their biggest album 'The Joshua Tree' from the same year. And like Def Leppard, they had also already released a deluxe edition for its 20th anniversary.

It will be interesting to see what exactly can be added to the original album seeing as (mostly) all the B Sides were used on the deluxe edition put out in October 2006.

One possibility is the full audio of the Denver 1988 shows or the demos. One of which was played during the Classic Albums Hysteria TV show in 2002 (for 'Animal').

During the interview Phil also talked about the Live From Detroit DVD, Nassau Coliseum, Steve Clark, band longevity, the current album, new music, Tesla, Delta Deep and movies.

This release comes as the band prepare for a series of vinyl reissues which may come in the form of a box set. Starting with The Def Leppard E.P. on Record Store Day (22nd April).

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Cryptic Rock - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Celebrating Hysteria's 30th Anniversary?

"Yeah, we celebrate it every night up on stage. We celebrate Steve Clark as well. We will be releasing a special edition of Hysteria with different bonus tracks and all sorts of stuff. It is probably my favorite Def Leppard album. It pushed all the barriers. I remember when we finished the record with Steve Clarke and I sitting there listening to it and said, “You know what, this is the pinnacle of our career. If no one buys it, even if just our parents buy it, we are happy and have succeeded.” Even though it costed us five million dollars and we are in this huge debt, we achieved something just by finishing it and it sounding the way it did. It was wonderful."

New Def Leppard Music

"Yes, funny enough Rick Savage sent me a song recently. It is really awesome and I can’t wait to get my teeth into it. I have ideas, I am constantly writing. I just literally finished the new Tesla album. I actually joined the band for that. I wrote with the guys on every song. I am thrilled about it, it sounds like a cross between Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin. If you could imagine all of that, including classic Aerosmith, it has images of all that stuff, but it sounds like Tesla. We are thrilled with that."

Buy 'And There Will Be A Next Time...Live From Detroit' Online

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Phil Collen - Guitar
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