Monday, 20th February 2017
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Joe Elliott On Def Leppard's Amazing Night Filming New Live DVD

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Long Island radio and mentioned the new live DVD.

Joe spoke to DJ Fingers of 102.3 WBAB radio in Salt Lake City, UT about the new release.

Joe (ElliotT) talked about the band's longevity, releasing new music, Live From Detroit DVD, making mistakes on stage, returning to the new Nassau Coliseum, the Hysteria laundry baskets, Poison, opening bands, two Diamond awards and the sound of the new DVD.

Joe recalled filming the DVD in Detroit on 15th July last year.

Listen to the full 18 minute interview via the radio link below.

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Fingers/102/3 WBAB - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Live From Detroit DVD

"It's fascinating, when we actually, when I suggested that we film one of the shows on the last tour. I said you do realise guys that we actually haven't had an official concert performance release since VHS tape. I mean, yeah of course you know, we've got a - there's a Blu-ray/DVD collection from the VIVA! Hysteria is Vegas in 2013 but that was a specific show, you know, based round the album Hysteria from start to finish with some strange B-Side and you know very rare Leppard songs played in the guise of a band called Ded Flatbird when we basically opened for ourselves."

"But it wasn't a concert footage in the sense of you know like promoting a new record and playing kind of a greatest hits set mixed in with new songs. And we haven't done that since 1988 you know. So it kind of made sense to do it and it just made us realise as well that in 1988 there we were playing in front of 16,000 people in Denver, Colorado and here we were in 2016 playing in front of 16,000 people in Detroit. And we did actually 22,000 in Denver that particular tour."

"So the fact that we maintained the popularity 30 years later. Or it went down and came back. Is again a testament to the fact that we don't take no for an answer when somebody says your time's up, you know. It's like, well we don't think so and I think it's a really good representation of what we are live. It is live from that night so there was a bit of an edginess top it because once that red light button gets hit and it's in record and you're in front of those people. you better no make any screw ups."

"Yeah there's an edginess to it because you know when we did a live album about five years ago called Mirrorball. It was kind of culled from maybe six or seven shows so if somebody made a screw up or I forgot the words in a song we had it covered because I'd have the next version from the night before or the night after or whatever. We could kind of pick our favourite versions of the songs but with this is was it is what it is. So the edginess was great you know it, it's definitely more edgy than maybe the Mirrorball record because of the fact that it's a one off performance. But it was an amazing night you know it was summer, it was Detroit, I think it was a Friday. It was a sellout show and you know there was a really good camaraderie on stage. We just felt like you know we had that crowd and and we were lucky that it was a show that we were filming."

Live From Detroit DVD Sound

"Yeah you can have it any which way you want. You know you can have it in mono if you want. We've given you the option. It's stereo. It's 5.1. You can plant yourself on the front row. Again you know it's one of those things where you do wanna get insular and get the headphones on or get your surround sound set up. It's not as good as a live gig by any means but it's a great diary if you like of one from last year."

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