Tuesday, 18th April 2017
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Phil Collen On How DEF LEPPARD'S PSSOM Was Written (Video)

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by the Michigan press yesterday and the full video is available to watch.

Phil spoke to WZZM 13 ABC TV before the show at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI.

Phil talked about joining the band in 1983, Pyromania album/success, making the Hysteria album, PSSOM, Delta Deep, band longevity and how the band stay relevant.

Phil repeated the story of how 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' was written.

He recently told an interview that the band will reissue the Hysteria album for its 30th anniversary (3rd August) featuring many bonus tracks and "all sorts of stuff".

Watch to the full 8 minute interview below.

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WZZM 13 ABC TV - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Writing PSSOM In 1986

"We'd pretty much finished the album. We're in Holland. Joe's like goofing around, playing acoustic guitar, singing that. And Mutt Lange says 'What's that?'. He goes 'I don't know'. He said let's write a song around it. Let's do that. We spent ten days on that. We spent like three years on the rest of the album. Or two and a half years or whatever it was. And it was, he said look, let's again make the hybrid. You know hip-hop or rap as it was back then was just getting really popular. So we had this vocal melody or meter if you like. This vocal meter was very much like Run DMC, Public Enemy, that kind of - so we, again it was another hybrid. It's like, it was a rock kind of with a funky kind of rap at the time kind of melody or meter."

"So that was interesting. It was really interesting and it wasn't until that album. The album didn't do that great initially. And some strippers in Florida started requesting that song 'cause they were dancing to it. And that's really how that took off. It actually kind of exploded from that point on in Florida. All the radio stations and then just kind of snowballed."

Your signature song?

"Yeah, yeah. Whether we like it or not. You know that's the one. It's the most popular song. Everyone feels they have to take their clothes off to it. So I guess that's the stripper association thing. For whatever reason you know."

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Phil Collen - Guitar
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