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Phil Collen On Possible Brazil Visit/New Delta Deep Music

Wednesday, 30th September 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by the Brazilian press and commented on a possible visit by the band.

The band made their only visit to the country in April 1997 when just 100 fans turned up to their show in Rio and only 250 saw them at a Sao Paulo venue which held 8,500 fans. Low ticket sales prompted the cancellation of a second night there.

Vivian talked about possible South American shows as far back as 2012 and has stated many times they have had trouble trying to set up a tour in the region.

Phil confirmed plans are in place to visit South America during an interview in August when he suggested in would be in early 2016.

Phil talked about the new album, Delta Deep, his new book and whether the band will visit the country again for live shows.

The new Delta Deep release he mentions for Christmas time could be a reference to this Blues vinyl EP he talked about back in July.

This interview was previewed with a brief YouTube clip and postings that suggested some big news for local fans. However there is no announcement of any Brazilian tour dates included.

In April 2013 all of Def Leppard filmed a promo video announcing a live appearance linked to the opening of a new stadium in Sao Paulo. An appearance that never took place.

A song called 'Wake Up And Love Me' co-written by Phil and CJ. Vanston was a Top Ten hit in Brazil for singer Casey Thompson in 2014.

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Vamos Musicalizar - Phil Collen Interview Quotes (...(not very good) Translation)

Return To Brazil?

"Uh! (laughs) We'd love to play there! We were invited to an event in Brazil, we are just waiting for the moment we can go!".

New Delta Deep?

"Yes, we are preparing something new. In fact, we are in a very inspiring moment. I wrote some songs two days ago, and we were already recording it in a studio in California. We are doing something in the style of a jam. But we are launching this new album around Christmas."

New Def Leppard Album

"Thank you! In fact, we do not remember another album, we had no idea what we would do, we have not thought about recording a new album, we only had a music guide, everything went naturally, and then when we realized we had recorded 12 songs a week. So that makes it totally different from anything we've ever done before."