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Phil Collen Says Def Leppard Are Having A Career Indian Summer

Saturday, 26th September 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard members Rick Allen and Phil Collen were interviewed yesterday by Denver radio and talked about the current tour.

Rick talked about past appearances in Denver, working with kids, the current tour, his family, his drum kit and drumming technique and joining the band in 1978.

Phil talked about the current tour, bigger audiences, working with Mutt Lange, the High 'n' Dry/Pyromania/Hysteria albums and Vivian's health.

Listen to the full 8 and 6 minute interviews below.

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The Rick Lewis Show - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

How's this tour going?

"It's phenomenal actually. It's you know I think we're having something, an Indian Summer with our career or something. We're getting - the numbers we're doing are bigger than our first headline tour. When we done the Pyromania tour. You know these numbers are better. Some of the buildings are the same places. You know gone through about 20 name changes but the buildings are the same. For whatever reason I don't know whether it's other bands quitting or you know the fact that we've obviously got some integrity you know in our bones and stuff. But yeah you know it's really working and we're getting younger audiences as well. You know it's just full - the whole gamut, everything. It's really, really great. Plus you know we've got the new song and the new album coming out next month. Yeah so it's all really exciting stuff."

Vivian's Health

"He's out on tour he's doing great. He's singing and playing amazing. So yeah he's got - he's doing treatments while we're on tour. He goes off and has a treatment. Comes back it's not, it's kind of non invasive. It's not like something that's gonna - like with the first thing he did was chemo. His hair fell out and he felt really weak and all of that stuff. This isn't like that. This is a different treatment completely. So he can function you know above and beyond. You know he's doing fantastic."

"I can always tell when he's not - when it first happened. When it first went down I could actually tell by his singing. You know we have such a blend. Me him and Rick Savage on our vocals that if anything's slightly off. You can tell like straight away and that was the first thing that got me. I was going wow what's wrong with Viv. And that's really what it was. It was you know cancer. that's what it was. But like I said he's healthy and he's singing like a bird."