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Thursday, 1st October 1987
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  • Location / Glens Falls, NY, USA
  • Venue / Glens Falls Civic Center

The first show by the band in this city since August 1981 on the High 'n' Dry tour.

The second time at this venue.

The venue is located in the city centre and close to the Hudson River.

It was opened in May 1979 as Glens Falls Civic Center.

Since 2017 it has been named as Cool Insuring Arena.

The first ever In The Round show by the band.

The 'Hysteria' album cover was painted over the black stage which featured a central spine and two raised platforms at either end across the arena.

The lowered sides faced each end of the venues with Rick's drum kit placed in the middle of the centre spine.

The drum kit also rotated to face all sides of the arena during the show.

The lighting rig was more elaborate which movable parts and lasers being used for the first time.

Four black curtains featuring album artwork were hung around the stage before the first song.

Following the intro and as 'Stagefright' kicked in the curtains would drop to reveal the band. Def Leppard were the first band at the time to tour with a full In The Round production.

The band spent 8 days at the arena rehearsing for the tour.

Glens Falls is home to the company that built the stage so this arena was chosen for production rehearsals.

'Armageddon It' was played according to the media review but the full setlist and its exact order are not confirmed.

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show intro

  • 00 - Dirty Harry/Clint Eastwood Speech

setlist - (Order Unconfirmed)

songs by album

show info

  • Tour - Def Leppard Hysteria Tour 1987/1988
  • Staging - In The Round
  • Fan Recorded - none yet
  • Venue - Website
  • Venue Address - 1 Civic Center Plaza, Glens Falls, NY 12801
  • US State - New York
  • Area Map - Google
  • Last Played City - 4th August 1981
  • Capacity - 4,806
  • In The Round Show Capacity - 7,500
  • Attendance - 5,786
  • Total Gross - $93,155
  • Promoter - Cross Country Concerts.
  • Headliner - Def Leppard
  • Support Act - Tesla

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