Thursday, 10th June 2021
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PHIL COLLEN On Amazing New DEF LEPPARD Music/Writing More Songs Than Ever

Def Leppard 2021. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has spoken about the new Def Leppard studio album during a recent interview.

Phil spoke to the Jeremy White podcast with the full video interview now posted on YouTube.

Phil talked about the Collection Volume Three box set, acoustic songs, The Stadium Tour/2022 touring, working with Mutt Lange/Mike Shipley, Hysteria/Adrenalize albums, Adrenalize album live,new songs/Next album, novels, song writing, guitars and much more.

The Next Def Leppard Album/New Songs

Phil talked about writing some 'amazing' new songs with Joe and that they have written more together during the last year than the rest of their entire career before the Pandemic.

He also later said anyone who is a fan of the Long Long Way To Go stripped down acoustic version will "freak out" at what's coming in another reference to new music.

View the full interview clip below.

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The Jeremy White Podcast - Phil Collen June 2021 Interview Quotes - (Transcribed By dltourhistory)

Def Leppard Album

"The last album the self-titled one. We went in to do a single and we just kept writing all these songs. And it was like they all sounded great in the context of Def Leppard."

New Def Leppard Music/New Album

"So the latest stuff. the stuff we've been doing is more in line with that. It doesn't really have a briefing."

"It just has to be cool. And having said that like you may get a song and you go yeah this is really cool but it sounds too much like this or it hasn't got much of, enough of a groove to it. So you inject it."

"Going back to the Mutt Lange 12 songs versus 30. So you kind of do all the above. You do what you've learnt. Do you know what I mean, moving forward."

"You can't really worry about that. I saw Anthony Fauci getting really, they're giving him such shit on all this stuff at the moment, It's like man we're getting. We're safer. We're gonna be able to go on tour."

"Everyone's kind of doing that and I think the guy's done so well. So you can't win, but one of the thing's that he said is like look I've got really thick skin. I went through the AIDS epidemic."

"People would like protest. I'd get death threats. People would do that until I actually said look come in and he put some of those people on the panel."

"So he developed a thick skin. So to say so have we. So it's fine when people say any of that. All the above. it's all good."

New Def Leppard Music/New Album soon?

"Yeah I mean you're asking a member of Def Leppard when's the album coming. Yeah it's coming. I don't know when. But yeah we're always recording. Always writing."

"Me and Joe have been writing so much during this pandemic. We've been actually writing more than we've ever done in our career."

"We've got some amazing stuff on the go. So it's all whenever stuff gets finished and stuff like that."

"You know as you know we record all the time and actually on tour. We done this. We done this Christmas song a few years ago. And I remember we were playing Miami and it was like 90 odd degrees out."

"It's so baking hot and we're doing this Christmas song and I walk backstage to do this vocal."

"We'd sound checked and we have to wait and make sure Tesla or Journey aren't sound checking. And it's like OK when they finish we can get in there and just slam this vocal down."

"So it's always stuff like that and that's exciting. That kind of keeps that kind of exciting."

Long Long Way To Go Stripped Version?

"If you love that stuff you're gonna freak out to what's coming. That's all I'm gonna say."

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