Thursday, 27th May 2021
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JOE ELLIOTT Confirms DEF LEPPARD'S NEW ALBUM Was Written During Lockdown

Def Leppard 2021. By dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has spoken about the progress of the next Def Leppard studio album in a new interview.

Joe was interviewed by Kylie Olsson ahead of the Download Reloaded highlights special on Sky Arts TV.

Two specials are being broadcast from 9-11pm on the channel on 5th/6th June.

Joe talked about Donington 1986/Monsters Of Rock show, Rick Allen, Download 2019, festival changes, cover versions/YEAH! album, Collection Volume Three, the new Def Leppard studio album and new music..

View the full video of the interview below.

New Def Leppard Album

As well as the usual "we are constantly writing songs" comments Joe says the band have had "very successful" writing sessions.

This suggests the album may be more complete than he is letting on as it ties in with the 2014 sessions which were also named "writing sessions" when in fact the band actually recorded the album at those same sessions.

New Music In 2022

Def Leppard look set to return to touring in 2022 with new music and a new album which as been written at least if not totally finished recording wise.

Given past comments by Phil it seems likely the new album or at least a new song will be released in 2022 in time for the tour which may well begin in Mexico as it was planned to in 2020 before the postponements.

The band are again linked to the Domination MX festival there.

Joe had already hinted the band were making a new album during lockdown last June.

Vivian had revealed that the band had planned and then aborted a recording/writing session for March 2020 due to the Pandemic and first lockdown.

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Kylie Olsson/Download Reloaded - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes - (Transcribed By dltourhistory)

So what have you been doing with your time off shall we call it. Have you been making music. What have you been up to.

Collection Volume Three Box Set

"We've been writing which is great. We have no. We have no fixed ending to any particular project. We've got a box set Volume Three of the catalogue is coming out in June."

"So we've got that to look forward to. That's tidied up a lot of the back catalogue from X through to Sparkle Lounge. With all the extra tracks. There's a bunch of, talk about great covers. There's an amazing YEAH! II amongst that lot and a YEAH! III Live too."

"So we've got all that to look forward to, but we have written some songs. I can't deny that we have written some songs remotely as an exercise to see if we could. And I can announce it was very successful."

"What are we gonna do with those songs?. That's to be seen. We're gonna wait and see because obviously everybody's in different continents. Different cities and all that kind of stuff. So there's a lot of work to be done to be done before we get to a finished product."

family Time During Pandemic

"But we have not let the year go to waste. And other than that everybody in the band. And I've spoke to most of them on a very often - not a daily basis - but quite often and just actually playing catch up on time away from family."

"You know you're Skype Daddy or Skype husband or Skype boyfriend for half the time in this band. And we've actually got to see our kids on a daily basis grow up, speak their first words. Take their first steps rather than getting a video of it."

"And that's what I mean about having no guilt for this. I feel sorry and sad for anybody that's lost anybody. But we've made the best of this situation as best we could."

"And I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family. And it's something that I wouldn't have normally been able to do."

"We haven't had a year off in 40 years. So to take a year off is no big. You know even when we've been away from the public eye. We've been ferreting away behind closed doors doing something."

"And in fairness that didn't really change much either but we did it on our own terms. In our own time. A little bit here and a little bit there."

"It wasn't full on locked away in some studio. We just nibbled at things and then it's like ahh the sun's out I'm stopping this and going to sit outside with a beer and listen to some music. or whatever you know and just enjoy it as best you can. In isolation of course."

'Cause the last album that you did with new songs was what 2015 wasn't it?

"2014/15 yeah about six years ago. You see the industry being what it is. We're all aware of the fact that it's like there's an element of the media that can't let go of the fact that records aren't that important any more."

"And I know that's a sad thing to say. But it's a fact of life. Touring is massively important. Way more than it was when you were out promoting records when they were important."

"Especially for legacy bands or whatever you want to call them because - I mean listen I went to see The Rolling Stones in 1989 in case one of them died. That's 1989!. They haven't had a death since the 60s!."

"You know so I'm aware of the fact that there's - when you've got a history whether it be The Eagles or Fleetwood Mac or any of the bands from the 80s like us and Maiden and whoever else. We've got this legacy audience as well that wanna see us. Just take - continue the journey if you like. And that's become way more important."

"So when we finished that album we never really thought about making another record. Until we just felt the timing was right. And we always just fall into place you know."

New Album/Songs

"We're constantly writing songs. So when it comes to piecing songs together. It's not like they're all absolutely brand spanking new. Just written this hot of the press song."

"Some of them are ideas that have been percolating for a year or two with a piece missing. And you wait and you wait and you wait and then you have this epiphany. Or one of the other guys goes well why didn't you ask I've got a bit that'll fit in there perfect you know."

"So there's been a lot of that going on. But that's a constant. That's nothing to do with Coronavirus. We've been doing it since the Def Leppard album came out."

New Music

"And we will continue to do it whether we release an album or not. We've got songs in our heads."

"I mean I did the Down 'n' Outz album in between whatever Leppard do next and the last Leppard record because I just felt that I'd got ten - I'd written nine songs that weren't necessarily Def Leppard flavoured. But I thought that they deserved to be heard."

"So I made the album with everybody's blessing - and we made a fantastic record in my humble opinion ha ha."

You did, You did

"You know and I got that out my system so you can move on to OK what have we got. So me and Sav will talk. Me and Phil will talk. Sav and Vivian would talk. We'd get all - and they'd talk without me and I'd talk without them. And all these little side things would come together."

"And we just saw it as a bit of a challenge to - something to do while we're waiting it out you know."

"We'll see what comes from it at the other end. In fact we're still doing it now. So it's not like we wrote some songs and it's finished. We are continuously writing."

OK well I would like to hear a new album. So there you go.

"Me too!."

Well listen Joe it was lovely catching up with you. So good to see you again. Take care of yourself.

"Much love and I'll see you on the other side."

See you in a field

"Yes hopefully a dry one."

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