Thursday, 8th October 2020
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Def Leppard 2020. The Struts 2020

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Phil Collen's contribution to The Struts new album Strange Days has been released today.

The Struts will release their third studio album 'Strange Days' on Friday 16th October.

Joe Elliott and Phil Collen have contributed backing vocals/guitar to track 4 - 'I Hate How Much I Want You'.

Joe gave the world exclusivefirst play of the song on his weekly Joe Elliott Show on Planet Rock on 19th September.

The single has now been released as a digital download today - 8th October.

Listen to it below on Spotify and buy the song.

Joe revealed the collaboration during the 16th May 2020 edition of his Planet Rock radio show without going into too much detail.

His comments at the time suggest the collaboration was set up at the time of the phone call mentioned on the show.

He has played the band many times on the show and hailed them as his favourite new rock band of the last few years.

Joe and Phil are not the only high profile contributors to the album.

Ex-Take That singer Robbie Williams guests on track 1, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine is a guest of track 5.

Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes also features on their current single 'Another Hit Of Showmanship'.

The Struts explained in a press statement that the album was recorded in only ten days.

Track 3 is a KISS cover and a song which Phil Collen also covered with his band Girl in the early 1980s (search for the video on YouTube).

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The Struts 2020.

Buy 'I Hate How Much I Want You' Online

The Joe Elliott Show - 19th September 2020 Quotes

"Watcha boys and girls. How ya doin'?. Welcome once again to The Joe Elliott Show right here on the amazing Planet Rock. Whoo. Got a great show for ya lined up tonight. Including some absolutely brand spanking new music."

"But hang on a minute I just have to make a quick phonecall."

Luke Spiller - "Hello?"

Joe - "Like?."

Luke - "Yes mate."

Joe - "It's Joe here from the Leppards. What are you doing?."

Luke - "Mate. Great to hear from you. Basically me and The Struts were currently in lockdown recording this album in like ten days and amazing that you just called 'cause basically I have this big fat chorus that I need your big old pipes for baby. What do you say?."

Joe - "I'm in sunshine. I'm in."

The Struts

"Yes folks an absolute world exclusive first ever play on the radio anywhere in the world. That is The Struts from their brand new album Strange Days. Which does even come out till October 16th. It was written in and about lockdown."

"In ten measerly days they put this album together in a little house in Hollywood Hills. And it's a great album. Got some amazing guests. Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine is on one song. Albert Hammond Jr. from The Strokes is on another."

"I grew up listening to music by Albert Hammond Snr. his Dad. Oh dear. It also features myself and Phil Collen on the track that you just heard. It is a song called I Hate How Much I Want You."

"It just harks back to the days of 1973 and Slade and Sweet and all that lot. I absolutely love it. The album is Strange Days. Look out for it pretty soon. The band The Struts, The song I Hate How Much I Want You."

The Struts - Strange Days Tracklisting

  • 01 - Strange Days (Ft. Robbie Williams) - 4:53
  • 02 - All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go) - 3:51
  • 03 - Do You Love Me - 3:23
  • 04 - I Hate How Much I Want You (Ft. Phil Collen/Joe Elliott) - 3:23
  • 05 - Wild Child (Ft. Tom Morello) - 3:42
  • 06 - Cool - 6:21
  • 07 - Burn It Down - 4:48
  • 08 - Another Hit Of Showmanship (Ft. Albert Hammond Jr.) - 3:42
  • 09 - Can't Sleep - 3:14
  • 10 - Am I Talking To The Champagne (Or Talking To You) - 5:47

  • Format - CD/Digital MP3
  • Record Label - Polydor/Interscope Records
  • Release Date - 16th October 2020

Buy 'Strange Days' Online

The Joe Elliott Show - 16th May 2020 Quote

The Struts

"Had a great chat with Luke Spiller this week. We spent about an hour on the phone talking about this that and the other. Which will remain between the two of us for now. However it was quite exciting I have to say. There his band The Struts from the album Young And Dangerous with a great bit of work called Primadonna Like Me."

The Struts - Press Release Quote

“Finding all of our plans for 2020 canceled or postponed, we gathered together safely in the studio and wrote and recorded the entire album in just ten days. It was undoubtedly a magical ten days for us—and we hope when you hear the album, it gives you a taste of that magic too.”

Def Leppard 2020.

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