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18 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD's ROCK OF AGES The DVD Collection Gold In USA

Rock Of Ages The DVD Collection 2005. Rock Of Ages DVD 2005

Def Leppard's Rock Of Ages The DVD Collection video was certified Gold in the USA on this day in 2006.

The band's second greatest hits video collection had been released on 15th November 2005 in the USA.

It was released as the Rock Of Ages tour of the USA/Canada was ending.

The video was certified Gold on 13th January 2006.

Joe spoke about the new video collection ahead of its release in October 2005.

Interestingly he mentions a commentary had been recorded for the UK 'Best Of the Videos' DVD which in the end was not used.

The 2CD 'Rock Of Ages The Definitive Collection' album had been released in May 2005 and quickly went Gold and Platinum a month later.

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Rock Of Ages The DVD Collection - USA Certification

  • 13th January 2006 - Gold - (50,000 Video Sales)

Joe Elliott - October 2005 Interview Quotes

Rock Of Ages The DVD Collection

"Well, it's difficult. You wear a different head everyday. We did a Best Of DVD for the European market in the middle of last year. So, we were watching the videos because they wanted a commentary on them and I did mine a year ago with a different head then. We changed it a little, so I had to re-watch them four months ago and I came up with different commentary for the US version."

Rock Of Ages The DVD Collection 2005.

Is it hard to watch them?

"It's not hard, but once you've done a video it's out there for other people. So, you let it go and it represents a certain time period. Some videos hold their own better than others and fashion dictates that they sometimes go out of fashion and then come back into fashion. A while ago, I thought 'Rock Of Ages' looked ridiculous and yet last year it didn't look so bad. Some of the more bland videos that we've done just look timeless. I'd rather have a video that dictated a certain amount of humour (that people laugh at it now) because at least it said something then."

"Videos like 'Tonight', 'Stand Up' are okay, but they were just a vehicle for a director's new toy. 'Me & My Wine' had personality... it got the band's personality across, but 'Stand Up' had shots of people running upside down on clock faces and guys bus surfing out-of-focus and had nothing to do with the band. It was about the director and how much budget he had. The little bits we were in it, he made us look good, but it had nothing to do with the song. I've always preferred the live stuff. When I see 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' or 'Armageddon It', to me, they don't date.

Def Leppard 2005.

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